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We offer GMAT class in person that is also broadcasted live online, and includes private tutoring with the regular course membership.

The best preparation for gmat in New York is at MBA HOUSE. To be ready to apply for a top business school requires self-discipline and guidance. Your study time must be always optimized with official materials in order to arrive at test day having trained with GMAT materials that were supplied by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and the GMAT test will be merely a consequence of your studies.

The type of reasoning the the MBA programs require from the candidate is measured on the GMAT, and the GMAT preparation must take this aspect into consideration as well. Problem solving and Data sufficiency are quantitative sections that measure such type of analytical reasoning that your post-MBA career will require. The same can be verified in the GMAT Verbal section, which rather than being a test of verbal skills, the critical reasoning and reading comprehension questions require you to handle imperfect information, whereas the sentence correction questions are structured ways of expressing contrasts and more complex points of view.

A good GMAT prep course is not one that is exclusively reliant on a automated question bank that attempts to seem similar to real GMAT (but isn’t), nor with tutors that rely solely on tips and tricks or on knowledge gaps that the candidate “believes” to have. Being able to effectively deliver a GMAT course requires thorough research and expertise that enable strong enrichment through math and verbal concepts that need to be revisited in order for a test prep to be effective.

Even in the wake of COVID-19 and the online GMAT test, MBA HOUSE has continued training their students for the GMAT exam in order to apply practice tests cat full length on the actual test model and seek a GMAT score that not only enables the candidate to be accepted but also receive a significant MBA scholarship.

Candidatos trained at MBA HOUSE are well known at all the GMAT test centers in New York to be 700-plus test takers.

Always count with us for your GMAT goals!

GMAT NYC Course Preparation

MBA House offers the most comprehensive GMAT course on the market today, where you receive a pass for full access to classes and private lessons for 6 months. That way, our instructors have time to help you find the strategies that work best to increase your score. Find out why we are the best GMAT Prep Course on the market.

Unlike other exam preparation companies that offer a small number of classes and mark you as having completed the course, we offer a 6-month program in which you not only spend more than 40 hours in classes, but also show us your performance in exercises, CATs and private tutoring sessions. This allows us to really assess your performance, as well as your strengths and weaknesses, resulting in an incredible increase in your GMAT score!

MBA House is the leader in exam preparation and admissions in Latin America and frequently hosts international students at our school in Manhattan. Therefore, we offer an exclusive methodology that helps international students to fill the gap that prevents them from obtaining a maximum GMAT score.


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From the first day at MBA House, we will sit down with you to examine your goals, and help you achieve them.

GMAT Course for Admission Consultancy, Test of English as a Foreign Language and International English Test System.

Information about GMAT Course NYC for the best business schools in Unites States and others schools around world:

  1. Harvard University – USA
  2. London Business School – UK
  3. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi – IT
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – U.S.A
  5. Stanford University – USA
  6. University of Cambridge – UK
  7. University of Pennsylvania – U.S.A
  8. INSEAD – FR
  9. HEC Paris – FR
  10. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – UK

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