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GMAT Exam Pattern

According to the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) which administers the test, the GMAT has an expansion of the admission process in more than 7,000 business and management programs around the world.


Test adapted to the computer, that the software adapts to its performance, as you progress. If your performance is very good, more difficult questions will appear, and if it is bad, easy questions will appear, a test that really adapts to your progress (Note – Only the Quantitative and Verbal sections are computer adaptable. AWA and IR are not adapted, which necessarily needs to be prepared), each section module starts at an average level, based on your answers, you will receive either easier or more difficult question. And unlike other tests, the GMAT will not be able to return the questions that have already been answered.






Analytical Writing Assignment (AWA)

 1 essay

Argument analysis

and Communication in the form

of a critique

30 minutes
Integrated Reasoning (IR)12 multiple choice

Two-Part Analysis, Multi-source

reasoning, Graphic interpretation, Table


30 Minutes
Quantitative31 multiple choice

Data Sufficiency,

Problem Solving

62 Minutes
Verbal36 multiple choice

Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning

Sentence Correction

65 Minutes


The exam is divided into four sections:

  • IR – Measures the candidate’s ability to evaluate information presented in various formats from various sources.
  • AWA – Measures the critical capacity of reasoning and the communication of ideas. And during this section, you end up analyzing the reasoning behind a given argument and writing a review.
  • Quantitative – The quantitative section, which is well known for being one of the most difficult, and for being adaptable to the candidate, mathematics is fundamental for you to be able to understand and be able to solve the questions presented.
  • Verbal – The verbal section, which measures your understanding of extending the material presented, and your ability to interpret to correct the material to be right with standard written English.

The test is very structured, and for those who think it is easy, it requires many hours of study to get a good score on the test, and getting these things is a main key for you to get great admissions in dream schools. Here at MBA House, you have the best preparation for the GMAT, which consists of continuous improvements in the weak points, apply at MBA House.

Applications for GMAT Prep in the best business schools in the world, like:

  1. INSEAD – France
  2. London Business School – United Kingdom
  3. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom
  4. Harvard University – United States
  5. Stanford University – United States
  6. University of Pennsylvania
  7. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi – Italy
  8. HEC Paris – France
  9. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE
  10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – United States

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