A new GMAC book is on the market. The MBA HOUSE GMAT course is based entirely on the official GMAT questions, so we rely on these newly released books. We used OFFICIAL GUIDE 2020 for the first phase of the course with our students, GMAT VERBAL REVIEW and GMAT MATH REVIEW for the second phase of the course, in addition to the OFFICIAL PRACTICE QUESTIONS material without an e-book version that is used in our workshops. GMAT VERBAL and GMAT QUANTITATIVE, the GMAT ADVANCED QUESTIONS BOOK to polish candidates who need more than 700 points on the GMAT SCORE, 9 mocks for training in the time that is the old GMAT TEST PAPER BASED, 6 simulated GMAT CAT and, finally, now the GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE 2021.


You will be disappointed. Compared to the GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE 2020, 2021 has only 42 new questions. About 50% of these are easy level questions and 50% of medium level. That’s it.
As MBA HOUSE students know, all GMAT MATH questions from MBA HOUSE are accompanied by our in house solutions, which in general are quite different from the official guide solutions.
MBA HOUSE’s biggest job is research. To prepare our first phase classes, where we review all the theoretical concepts involved in the GMAT, we researched the formats which several tutors present their versions and selected the ones that best suit our students. Nothing works better than statistics and, since MBA HOUSE has direct contact with its students, we are constantly assessing which methods work the best and which ones do not add much value for the candidate. We have over 15 years of research experience testing our candidates, thus consider our time-tested strategies to be the most efficient available today, as is based exclusively on official material.


For many years, MBA HOUSE created its own GMAT questions compiled by our teachers and former Princeton Review and Kaplan GMAT book authors. We realized that, in addition to being expensive, the added value was lower and the possibility of departing from the real GMAT test experience was too great. This is exactly what happens when you hire a test prep company that uses its own questions. As close to the test as these questions try to be, they tend to exacerbate the so-called error propagation. The recurring attempt at approximation causes an average deviation that can be significant, and in essence you are studying to take a fictitious test – NOT the GMAT.

Therefore, the work of MBA HOUSE is unique in giving the best didactic explanations for questions that were tested in the real test. You know that part of the GMAT test questions are experimental and the difficulty statistics of the questions come with an index tested by the candidates. In other materials, they simply cannot test the various requirements that a multi-million dollar organization such as the GMAC has.
MBA HOUSE stands on the shoulders of giants.


Simple. Supervised Repetition. The MBA HOUSE course provides you to solve over 2,000 official questions before scheduling your real exam. But, it is not enough to just solve these questions without monitoring performance, changing strategy, shifts in the level of your doubts and complementary classes in addition to the course classes provided. In addition, whenever you hire a tutor who only addresses the specific doubts that you bring them without substantiating a basis beforehand, there is often the problem that you “think” you have recognized what your problem is – and it might not be so. Once again, there is the statistical problem. MBA HOUSE GMAT tutors are not outsourced and hence they compare you with all current MBA HOUSE students, so when you come with doubts on a homework task, the GMAT teacher, in addition to clearing up your doubts, guides you in what you should do next – be it reviewing materials, changing strategy, postponing application, considering better ranked (and more competitive) schools due to growth on GMAT scores and much more. It is not enough just to practice, practice, practice.

Okay, the new GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE 2021 book is on sale and MBA HOUSE already has and, all solutions are added to your study plan. Let’s work together to achieve a GMAT score that not only gets you accepted to the MBA of your choice but also entitles you to a significant scholarship. You knew that one of the main factors of achieving a significant MBA scholarship is the GMAT SCORE, didn’t you?

Count on us.

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