4 Strategies to Reduce Your GMAT Anxiety

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4 Strategies to Reduce Your GMAT Anxiety

Are you looking to earn an MBA? Do you want to be able to apply to the top business schools in the world? If so, then you should know that one of the main factors the top business schools look at when deciding who they are going to accept into their programs is your GMAT score. In order to have a strong chance of being accepted, you are going to need to get your GMAT score up as high as possible. Here are four strategies that can help you get over any GMAT anxiety and raise your score by several points on test day.

Set realistic goals
In preparation for any important exam, setting realistic goals is critical. If you set yourself up for failure by aiming for a score so high it’s out of reach, you won’t help reduce your anxiety when test day arrives. If your goal is out of reach, break it down into smaller pieces until you find something attainable. For example, if your dream score is 730 (or above), start with a more manageable target score like 650 or 660 and work up from there.

Practice your test-taking skills on an easier exam
One common mistake that students make is taking an exam that’s too hard for them and failing to reach their target score. While some people say you should take a practice test exactly like what you will encounter on test day, others argue it’s best to take easier exams first in order to reduce your anxiety about taking a standardized test in general. Everyone has different methods they find helpful; while mock tests are probably one of the most important things you can do as you prepare for your graduate school entrance exams, there is no right or wrong way to study. We can guide you on this way.

Create a study schedule
Studying for a big exam like the GMAT takes time and effort. Make sure you have enough time to dedicate to studying by creating a study schedule that allows you space for everything from studying, exercise, and eating healthy meals. Don’t overload your schedule and try not to cram too much into a single day. This way, you’ll be in a good place come test day.

Choose a test date that works for you
While it’s important to have a general idea of when you’d like to take your exam, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with your original choice. If there is too much going on in your life and you feel anxious about being able to study for an upcoming exam, find a more convenient time for you! You want your test day experience to be as pleasant as possible.

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