How MBA House makes an MBA become a financially viable endeavor

How MBA House makes an MBA become a financially viable endeavor

The International MBA is a gigantic career accelerator.

  1. It increases and significantly accelerates your chances of becoming a CEO.
  2. It significantly increases your earnings, even within the first 4 years since your graduation.
  3. It enacts a nimble career shift, be it regarding the work industry, function, location, or a combination of the three.
  4. It gives access to high ranking posts at leading organizations.
  5. It allows you to learn about different cultures and live in other countries.
  6. It enhances your english language skills and allows you to learn new languages.
  7. It helps you start your own business with the help of a select network of teachers, peers and investors.
  8. It allows you to meet business partners.
  9. It produces social impact.
  10. It changes your life – and the lives of your family members – for generations to come.

GRE Study Guide
GRE Study Guide
GRE Study Guide

For all of this to happen, you obviously need to be motivated to course an MBA and be accepted to programs that offer the perfect match for your goals, taking into consideration your professional, intellectual, financial and personal background. Within this decision process we thus have: 

  • Professional: career moment, future projection, earnings, expectations.
  • Financial: Foreign exchange rates (cost of the US Dollar), relocation, function, industry, time of Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Intellectual: GMAT or GRE, TOEFL, Essays and Interviews, English and Math.
  • Personal: family, friends, relatives, habits.

Therefore, with all of these factors in mind, MBA House bases your B-School acceptance in 4 main points:

  1. GMAT Score
  2. Thorough selection of Business Schools
  3. Interaction with Business Schools 
  4. Scholarships 

1) GMAT Score 

Without a high score on the GMAT, your chances of being accepted to an MBA diminish. But that is obvious. What is not so obvious, however, is that without a high score on the GMAT, you most probably will forfeit your chances of receiving a scholarship, even if admitted to an MBA. Thus, a high score on the GMAT is indispensable.

What MBA House offers to help you achieve a high score on the GMAT

  • 40 master classes that can be taken on premises or online
  • targeted study material for each class
  • private tutoring sessions for GMAT doubts and study strategies 

On average, an MBA House student takes approximately 80 hours of classes where 50% of them are private. The master classes do not have a built in sequence, therefore you do not have to wait for a next course to begin. The tutors are part of the MBA House payroll (they are not outsourced) and are specialists in the subject they teach. They do not teach you “tricks” or the “secret to the test”, because such things do not exist, no matter how much other Test Prep companies try to convince you otherwise. We teach you the standards, and build your confidence for the test day with unique study strategies that are tailored to your needs.

Important: a 20-point increase to your GMAT score may result in thousands of dollars worth of savings, as it can land you a significant scholarship at your MBA of choice. Therefore it is important not to skimp on your preparation to the test.

The average increase of our students on the GMAT test is 230 points, with an average preparation period of 3 to 4 months, and approximately 80 hours of classes and 120 hours of study time.

2) MBA Program Selection 

The entire admissions consulting process at MBA House is individualized and conducted without meeting or revision limits.

Our Admission Consultants work exclusively for MBA House (they are not outsourced or hired as a side job) and have achieved over 1000 candidates accepted to the best Business Schools in the World with over 10 million dollars distributed in scholarships until now. The Admissions Consulting department at MBA House is overseen by Vivianne Wright who is career coach certified by New York University and holds a Masters degree in Educational Management from Harvard University.

The process kicks-off with an info session to present the materials, methods and strategies. Following this session, the candidate is given an Assessment to fill out. The candidate then sends this assessment together with their resumé to be appreciated by the Admissions Consulting team at MBA House. Your first Brainstorm meeting is then scheduled either on premises or online. In this meeting, you and your consultant will decide which will be the first application to work on, based not only on the program fit but also on criteria such as deadlines, essay difficulty, preference, empathy and professional background. The first application helps the consultant build a solid personal statement with the candidate. The first application usually progresses until it is 80% complete, and thus has enabled the consultant to gather enough evidence to move to the second school application, and so forth. The 20% missing towards the completion is often left for closer to the application deadline in order for the end result to remain current. There are no meeting or editing limits imposed. In general, a carefully compiled application takes between 10 to 15 hours to be completed.

Together with the candidate, MBA House gradually and selectively chooses the MBA programs that offer the best fit towards the candidate’s objectives. With this gradual method, we are able to monitor the candidate’s progress on the GMAT, learn about their unique life stories, analyze their application for a comparative stand point (considering our other past and present candidates), present the best practices of past candidates to verify affinities and objectives, and, demonstrate important aspects of the selected Business Schools in an encompassing manner, going beyond that what was known before starting this process.

Therefore, we consider the MBA Program selection to be the most important step of the admissions process, with gradual progression and analysis that oftentimes take several weeks to mature in order to be best expressed throughout the candidate’s application, be it on written on essays, clear with recommender selection or emphasized during interview training.

3) Interaction with Business Schools 

MBA House is the only preparatory program for international MBAs that offers an integrated solution for test Prep and Admissions, with an extended duration, unlimited hours of assistance, a dedicated team of instructors and consultants. This results in a significant score increase of the GMAT and a 100% approval rate of our candidates, with thousands of dollars worth in scholarships awarded.

Our Admissions Consulting department is in constant contact with the Business Schools be it through means of MBA events, visits to the B-Schools or local offices, hosting Admission Committee personnel at our offices or via interviewing students or B-School staff for articles that we publish at the main MBA-focused publishers of the World such as: Poets and Quants, Financial Times or Business Because. The MBA House team is always at the top of the game when it comes to knowing what are the newest forms of financing, what electives have been added to an MBA program’s curriculum, the new MBA trips that the students recommend, what companies are recruiting, what changed in the applications for the next admission round, and anything else that helps are candidates make accurate decisions regarding their school choice.

It is thus indispensable in the decision making process of choosing the best b-school to know the most about them. Who they want, what they offer and how will they help you achieve your future ambitions in the realms of career, financials, knowledge and life.

4) Scholarships 

This is the part of our work that helps you save a significant amount of money. Even though MBAs offer financing at competitive interest rates, with 100% of tuition and personal expenses (including spouses and children) covered, global employability, immediate post-MBA salary increase and the possibility of paying-off your debt in up to 5 years with the aid of future employers.

Even so, MBA House holds a strong tradition in landing successful scholarship applications, which are often contemplated given the emphasis in the 3 factors that were mentioned beforehand:

  1. GMAT Score
  2. MBA Program selection
  3. Interaction with Business Schools

1) It is fundamental for you to demonstrate high intellectuality and resilience.

2) It is fundamental for you to show objectively and exactly how your goals are aligned with the B-school.

3) It is fundamental for the B-Schools to learn more about you, as we often present our candidate cases to the Admissions Committees, all within what is ethically expected and respecting competitiveness.

MBA House works with Test Preparation Courses for the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS, and performs Admissions Consulting for post-graduate programs such as Masters, PhDs and MBAs. In its over 10 years existence, MBA House has helped candidates gain admission to the best Graduate Schools in the World, with an average GMAT score increase of 230 points, over 10 million dollars in scholarships granted, and over 1000 candidates approved. Our expertise is with candidates that generally seek advice for the main decision points of their application in order to obtain significant results that are extremely important for their present and futures careers.

MBA House – Your MBA already starts here. 

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