How to Get a High Score on the GRE

How to Get a High Score on the GRE

The GRE is an important part of the graduate school application process, and having a high score can be critical to your chances of getting into the school of your choice. To get the highest score possible, you’ll need to put in plenty of preparation time before test day arrives. Here are several ways to increase your GRE score to ensure that you put your best foot forward on test day.

Choose a GRE Prep course based on what you need
If you’re new to standardized tests, some of the major differences might seem overwhelming and difficult to comprehend. If you have some familiarity with these kinds of tests, but just want a refresher course and want it in person, an in-person class may be best for you. And if you need a lot of extra support or are coming from outside of North America, then one of MBA HOUSE online classes might be right for you.

Take practice tests, but don’t take too many
Practice tests are an integral part of any prep program. But it’s easy to fall into paralysis by analysis—you can over-prepare for these things, and your scores will suffer because you lose your ability to do well on them under pressure. Your preparation should include 3 full-length exams, but no more than that.

Watch for mistakes you make consistently
Before you start preparing for the GRE, take some time to review your practice tests. Be on the lookout for mistakes you make over and over again, because these could be issues with your study strategy. For example, if you keep missing math questions that involve word problems, it might mean that your vocab section is not where it needs to be. Once you find patterns like these, make sure you’re addressing them in your studies.

Consider using an online tutor
The GRE is not something that you can teach yourself how to do, and it’s hard for students to grasp without in-person assistance. For students who are more comfortable with their writing skills than their math skills, an online tutor might be a good option—the Internet makes it easy for anyone to find tutors with different specialties. An online tutor can focus exclusively on your weaknesses and help you cover up your shortcomings as you prepare for your test date.

Don’t get discouraged when you aren’t improving right away
One of the main reasons people fail when they are studying for standardized tests like these is that they get discouraged if they don’t see huge improvements after one or two study sessions. If you really aren’t understanding a certain topic, try practicing with questions about that topic from different sources to make sure you are prepared for every kind of question test day may bring your way.

Join a study group with other people who are preparing for the exam.
You may already have a close circle of friends or acquaintances who are also preparing for their GREs, and these can be valuable resources. If not, try your college’s graduate school advising center. They should be able to point you in an ideal direction. Even though you don’t need an advisor to take your exam, they should still be able to connect you with other people who will understand exactly what you’re going through during your prep process. MBA House can be your study group choice providing the best method and tutors to help you achieve your score in a short period of time.

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