What are the four things an international candidate should consider for their application?

What are the four things an international candidate should consider for their application?

The first thing to consider is your professional moment. The moment you find yourself in your career, the company you work for, the profile of your peers, the growth prospects and, mainly, references on how an MBA offers as a perspective to improve such moment. These factors are decisive for the market professional to properly judge the difference and the acceleration that an MBA may bring to their career.

Second comes intellectual preparation. GMAT, TOEFL for foreigners and applications. The candidate begins with an assessment of their expected performance on the GMAT test and decided whether to seek external assistance through classes and tutoring. This reveals the effort required for business schools to consider their application. The tests are technical and involve specific knowledge and application of basic mathematics and a verbal logic that is characteristic to the test. Applications, on the other hand, depend on the candidate’s ability to present a compelling case based on their history and curriculum to the intended school.

Thirdly, there is an assessment of the applicant’s financial breadth. The candidate needs to evaluate the possibility of how they plan on funding the MBA. The applicant needs $ 15,000 for down-payment and first expenses upon acceptance. Everything else is fundable and the average repayment of a debt of around $ 150,000 is three years post-graduation. Scholarships are based on this consideration and can be earned mainly by demonstrating a good performance on the GMAT and through very well written essays. It is possible to get $ 10,000 to $ 120,000 in scholarships through the universities’ financial aid office.

The fourth and most important aspect is the personal moment. The candidate takes into account, for their final decision-making, their life history and everything that eventually led to the decision about pursuing an MBA. Family, personal property, culture, academic background, lifestyle and many other points that are part of the candidate’s daily life, and therefore should be taken into account.

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