Which MBA school is the best for you?

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Which MBA school is the best for you?

Do you feel the MBA degree is right for you? Is it the right time to go back to school? Choosing between all the options out there can be tough, but knowing what you want will help guide your decision-making process. This article breaks down the best schools based on cost, location, program format and ranking to help you make an informed decision about your future education. It’s time to find out which MBA school is the best fit for you!

Where are you now
If you have a 4-year degree, but you’re still working in your industry (or any other field), are you at a disadvantage when it comes to business schools or is it immaterial? Some business schools ask candidates about their current status when it comes to employment. In some cases, being unemployed or not working can hurt an applicant’s chances of getting into a top- tier business program. Being employed can help with securing admission into certain programs; however, if you aren’t currently employed by a company that fits well with the focus of your intended grad program, it may be worth thinking about changing positions before applying. A recent survey suggests that there isn’t really any difference between accepted and rejected applicants when it comes to work experience; what really matters is where graduates get their jobs after graduation and how they perform once they’ve secured employment.

What do you want to do
This will help you identify which schools might have an ideal fit. Think about: What kind of job do you want after your MBA? What company would be a dream employer? Is there a specific industry that would offer valuable experience to add to your resume once your degree is complete? Knowing what you want to do will point out schools that will offer real-world experiences and internships, as well as give students great contacts within their desired industry. And if you’re not sure yet, don’t worry! It’s fine to admit it. The vast majority of pre- MBA students are in similar positions when they begin looking at schools. So it’s totally normal not to know what you want to do with your career right now—it may take some time or trial and error before you find something that makes sense.

What do you need from an MBA program
A first-class degree with a focus on management, or an education that gives you access to a wider network of contacts and mentors? Do you want to learn in a traditional classroom setting, or would you rather take classes online or in a hybrid environment? How important are university rankings, and what will they really tell you about an MBA program’s quality and culture? And how do you even begin to decide which programs are right for your needs – and your goals – without getting overwhelmed by all of your options. Whether you’re considering business schools from within North America or beyond its borders, it starts with looking at everything you need from an MBA program: If a top ranked business school (or great job prospects) is your primary goal, look at American institutions; if entrepreneurship or developing unique skills as part of a global experience are more significant factors in choosing where to apply, international schools may be better choices. Top Business Schools – International MBA Programs – US MBAs – Online MBA Programs Business Schools Admissions Advice. Looking for more advice on getting into business school? Let’s talk.

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