Studying and preparing for the GRE

Graduate Record Examination, or GRE for short, is a test known worldwide as a standardized exam, similar to the GMAT. With a total duration of 4 hours and can be done in a specialized testing center. And because it is a standardized test, the simulations are always disclosed in the Official ETS Guide. And the MBA House, always has a preparatory content based on the real simulations of the GRE thus giving more confidence to the candidate, both quantitative, analytical and verbal.

There are very common mistakes made by candidates, such as concentrating only on one section of the exam, and reviewing questions after the practical exam or reviewing only the questions you missed, are habits that must be fundamental, because the questions are sometimes remade containing the same answer in the test to catch the candidates. Here at MBA House, we have the largest and best center for preparatory courses with the most efficient methodology on the market, which in one semester will have an intensive course based on the Official Guides distributed by ETS, with the most prepared and complete content on the market, for you get a good grade.

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