The passion of an MBA admissions consultancy

The passion of an MBA admissions consultancy

There is so much that preparing an MBA candidate can teach you. Self-discovery and soul searching certainly top the list throughout the application process. Establishing great rapport and connection, I learn about each candidate and their stories, but I am also impacted and transformed.

After a zoom “Admitted Happy Hour” last Friday – Covid-19 tampered our plans to meet and celebrate their acceptances – Vitor, Ramon and me remained connected a little longer. At some point, we talked about how they entered the application cycle, how they left it, and the major takeaways from months of sweat, tears and 2 dozens essays each wrote. These guys took their applications so seriously, engaged with the schools and alumni, visited campuses and put all that into their essays. Trust me, there were times when I thought we would barely complete one application, least to say, 5 or 7. But each essay I commented, each brainstorm we held, helped me to better understand them, becoming easier for me to point them into a direction that would make more sense.

Vitor, for instance, taught me about solidarity, humanity, big data. As he worked in the 2nd largest aftermath in Brazil, every single meeting we had, big data arose in the conversation and while tagging it to humanity seemed like a stretch, it was only possible because he reflected on my feedback. Whereas Vitor attempted to help me understand big data and its breadth of applicability, humanity turned out to be the subject we both converged to.

Ramon, a mastermind of digital transformation, shared his stories at the largest company headquartered in Latin America. Yet, what impacted me was his ability to motivate his team members on large scale projects, take risks and achieve unprecedented results.

As we worked throughout their applications, we unveiled new traits that helped us succeed, both in being accepted and granted weighty scholarships. Ramon will join Northwestern Kellogg this fall with a full scholarship. Vitor will join Georgia Tech, with 80% scholarship and graduate assistantship.

This is passion. This is Admissions. This is MBA House Admissions.

By Bia Campos
MBA HOUSE Admissions Coordinator

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