MBA House: 100% Client Acceptance Rate and Average $40K Scholarship

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MBA House boasts a sterling track record of 100% Client Acceptance Rate and Average $40K Scholarship.

“At MBA House, we don’t believe in abandoning our clients midway. Instead, we stay with you until the day of your acceptance, without any additional charges.”

 Drawing from our proud history, every single one of our clients has been accepted into at least one of their preferred schools – a testament to our dedication and expertise. And the icing on the cake? An impressive scholarship package, averaging 40 thousand dollars. Embark on your journey with MBA House, and let us help you achieve your academic aspirations.” 

Here’s what lies ahead in your journey with us: 

  • Unwavering dedication and support until you secure an admission seat
  • A strategic approach tailored to your individual requirements
  • A cost-effective path thanks to our scholarship-focused system

Begin your adventure with MBA House today, and together, let’s shape your future!

Never Pay More: MBA House’s Unique Contract Strategy

With MBA House, you find an exceptional approach to pricing in the realm of MBA consulting. While other services like MBA Mission charges a steep $6,500 for their three-school package, or Personal MBA Coach which comes with a $12,250 price tag and a limited 10 – 15 hours of support, MBA House firmly believes their clients should not have to contend with such constraints. 

What stands out about MBA House’s Comprehensive Package Consultant is its uncompromising commitment to successful outcomes and fair pricing. Following the modus operandi that your pursuits should never be hampered by sky-high prices or timeline restrictions, this team guarantees a contract that spreads until the day of your acceptance. 

This comprehensive package integrates the best approach possible, prioritizing client satisfaction and success. MBA House’s edge lies in never terminating your contract or charging you any extra until the day of your acceptance. It’s a one-of-a-kind strategy that sees every client toward the finish line, ensuring they get accepted into one school of their choice, at least. 

Yet, the appeal doesn’t stop at acceptance. The team’s proven track record is also evident in the financial gain it brings to its clients. A staggering figure topping an average of 40 thousand dollars in scholarship is a testament to their proficiency. 

No hidden fees, no uncertainty, just a 100% success rate and an unwavering commitment to your goal – that’s the MBA House promise. Armed with expert coaching and an unbeatable contract strategy, they offer a rewarding path to your dream business school. So, let MBA House be the compass guiding you through your MBA journey. 

Client Testimonials: Real Stories of Success with MBA House

At MBA House, our clients are the heart of our services. We aren’t just a team of consultants, but partners in your journey towards earning that valuable MBA spot. Your success is our primary goal and we are committed to making that a reality. We invite you to listen to the stories of our clients – tangible testimonials to the effectiveness of our comprehensive package consulting strategies. 

Meet Sarah, a known figure in the corporate sector. Sarah came to us with a desire to advance her career and believed an MBA was the key to unlocking that door. Despite her busy schedule, Sarah continued with our program, underscoring her determination. 

“MBA House was just what I needed,” she states. “The team was responsive, accommodating, and genuinely invested in my success. Not only did I receive acceptance from my preferred business school, but I was also awarded a substantial scholarship. An investment worth every penny!” 

Now, let’s talk about John, a bright young entrepreneur. “The process was intimidating,” John admits. “But the team at MBA House guaranteed they’d be there until I was accepted. True to their word, they didn’t stop until I had an acceptance letter in my hand from a school of my choice. I was even granted a sizable scholarship!” 

The stories of Sarah and John are just a fragment of the hundreds of successes MBA House has contributed to. With consultants who have vast experience with individual student admissions, we have a perfect record in acceptance results and significant scholarship sums. Why? Because we make sure your contract doesn’t end until the day of your acceptance, reflecting our 100% commitment.

While the MBA consulting space is punctuated with numerous competitors such as Fortuna Admissions, Stacy Blackman, and Vantage Point, our unique commitment model is what sets MBA House apart. And yes, we ensure you don’t bear any additional charges until the day of your acceptance, demonstrating transparency and dedication in our service. Let us help you, as we’ve helped Sarah, John, and hundreds of others, navigate this path towards your MBA dream.

Why MBA House?

  • We offer a comprehensive package to our clients, which includes preparing for GMAT, GRE or EA, one of the most crucial gateways to an MBA degree. No need to juggle between different service providers — we’re your one-stop-shop solution.
  • At MBA House, we believe in adopting the primary coach model for MBA applications, where you get focused, personalised and ongoing coaching throughout your pipeline. It’s like having a dedicated mentor for your application journey.
  • We aim to provide more than just service. Consider MBA House an investment that assures a return, as we strive to secure you an average scholarship of $40,000.
  • We’re flexible, unlike many other admissions consultants. For example, My MBA Path offers a boot camp only at specific times of the year. However, with MBA House, we never terminate your contract and are with you until the day of your acceptance.
  • When comparing MBA House to large MBA consulting firms like Fortuna Admissions, Stacy Blackman, and Vantage Point, we stand out because of our unique, customer-oriented approach. We believe that every client’s dream is worth pursuing and we tailor our services to meet individual needs.