Frequently Asked Questions of GMAT

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is MBA House different?

We offer fast and personalized feedback. Whether you are a prospective client, or are a candidate in the different phases of our program, be it for interview training or a tantalizing doubt on a GMAT question, all you need to do is call us or message us and we will reply in a matter of minutes with answers and orientation.

Who will be my instructors and admissions consultants?

Our instructors and consultants work exclusively for MBA House – they are not outsourced, and thus are committed towards your success. They participate in weekly team meetings to discuss particular candidates they are working on. MBA House has a proprietary methodology that does not depend on a single person, but rather the team as a whole.

All you offer must be expensive. How much does it cost?

Our pricing is by far the most competitive today. MBA House prices range from $1.8K to $4.6K depending on the number of schools the candidate decides to apply to. A typical MBA House candidate will peruse approximately 80 hours of instruction divided between group classes and private tutoring. Also, their applications are compiled with unlimited revisions by an admissions consultant and two editors, all of which have graduate degrees from Harvard University and NYU.

Will you help me obtain a scholarship?

Absolutely! MBA House has a proven track record in securing scholarships for our candidates. That happens for 3 reasons: we help candidates achieve a competitive GMAT score; Graduate schools acknowledge our work; and the personalized orientation of our admissions consulting focuses on obtaining scholarships. In the last 9 years we have helped candidates obtain over $10 million in scholarships.

What are MBA House’s study materials?

MBA House bases its courses on the Official Guide for the GMAT and GRE, as well as its own materials. It is also possible that, during private tutoring sessions, your instructor recommends additional materials for practice based on their evaluation of your progress and areas that need improvement. Such orientation follows MBA House methodology to solve such exercises.

What is the advantage of MBA House's integrated preparation method?

There are 3 advantages: first, your admissions consultant works not only with your career profile but also with your progress on the tests to determine the best mix of graduate schools to apply; second, there is a time advantage as the integrated prep helps you reach results faster; and third, there is an economical advantage because by performing all services under the same roof, we are able to offer the best prices available. In conclusion, we offer results in less time at less cost. We consider this combination a fundamental aspect of your success.

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For the last 12 years, MBA House – a Boutique Test Prep & Admissions Consulting firm – has helped candidates gain approval to top graduate programs worldwide, with over 10 million dollars in scholarships awarded.

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