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MBA Admissions Consulting: Maximize your chances at the Best B-schools

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Unlimited Everything

We believe that your MBA journey is a project consisting of several different components that should be optimized. That is why our service includes everything that you may require to achieve the best results: Unlimited questions, unlimited calls, unlimited drafts, unlimited support…you are never on the clock with us. MBA Admissions Consulting: Best B-schools

Our flat rate covers everything and anything you need, including:

  • Meetings, brainstorming sessions, and messages with our team;
  • Any questions you have, no matter how big or small, will be answered 24/7/365;
  • Unlimited revisions for Essays, Resumes, Video Essays, Presentations, and Online applications;
  • Email communications with Admission offices and Interviewers;
  • Interview training;
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Applications

Individual Attention 

Our consulting allows us to offer a truly tailored experience to our candidates. Instead of receiving a bunch of cookie-cutter materials, at MBA House your onboarding starts right away, when both our Test Prep and Admissions Consulting teams define your study plan.

From the very start, you will work with our Client Success team to make sure the initial steps of the project are being optimized. They’ll check in with you to keep your priorities up-to-date and make sure you’re sticking to deadlines. They’ll assist with planning and questions and act as a personal assistant to your process to help balance your demands among work, test preparation, and admissions consulting tasks.

School Selection

Although you may have some target schools in mind, you do not need to pre-select the B-Schools you intend to apply to to start working your admissions process. Your MBA Consultant will make sure to advise on schools that best suit your career and personal objectives with the MBA, and as we get to know your profile better, we are able to offer a transparent assessment of chances of success as well as what is required for your candidacy to be successful in each B-School.

We rely on 17 years of experience working with candidates from different parts of the World, in all imaginable industries, and such allows a clear and precise understanding of what are the tangible and intangible aspects that each B-School is looking for.

Every school that you decide to target then will require a specific strategy that your consultant will develop to demonstrate a unique fit with that MBA program.


An elemental part of your MBA journey involves building a network with the different MBA communities. By doing so, you can gain not only a sneak peek into how your life will look like for the coming years but also allow for a much more personal approach to your essays and interviews. You’ll be able to cite specific people, classes, and qualities that explain how you came to form your post-MBA goals and your interest in each MBA program.

That’s why, as part of the planning stages of your application with us you will learn different ways to engage with these communities, both online and in-person with class visits and events. We will assist you with networking etiquette, and minimize the amount of cold outreach you will have to make. That’s because as an MBA House client, you gain access to our database of MBA profiles across all the top business schools.

Telling Your Story 

Alas, we move from planning to execution with our first Strategy Meeting. This meeting with your consultant will typically last from 60 to 90 min and we will explore the reasoning and drivers that have pointed you towards the MBA journey.

It will be a moment of discovery, where questions will be posed and we will establish an initial framework to start working with a particular MBA program. The consultant will guide you in our Discovery Document, which will serve as a template for the different online application materials and help define the narrative that we want to use for each MBA application.

Writing Your Essays 

MBA Essays are typically seen as the most important element of your application, and that usually results in being the most stressful part of the process for most candidates.

However, MBA House will help flip that narrative: as our client, once you reach the phase of structuring the essays, the consultant will have worked with you to lay the groundwork, and there will be a unique strategy that will already be in place.

Unlike other MBA Admissions Consulting firms that focus exclusively on the essays and their underlying comments and edits, our philosophy is different. Through our approach, we have done most of the heavy lifting with other aspects of your application profile, and that frees up the essays to make your application shine.

A tangible example of this is the typical way other MBA Consultants “work” the HBS application: by starting at the essay review itself, candidates bring in redundant examples (albeit detailed) examples from the online application itself and miss the opportunity of showcasing the applicant’s intellectual resourcefulness.

Many of our clients come from failed attempts with other larger MBA Consulting firms that offer a more standardized approach and therefore have missed out on the details and nuances that can make a difference in making their application stand out.

Our boutique service allows for nimble and creative solutions that transform the application into an authentic and unique expression of yourself that makes all the difference.

Selecting and Guiding Your Recommenders 

Recommendation letters are an opportunity for B-Schools to obtain an external perspective on your candidacy, and see how people you work with tend to perceive and rate your skills. It is important to be strategic about whom your recommenders should be, and we help you define the best matches for each target program.

And, if the recommenders agree, we can assist with the specific aspects of their letter, providing feedback on the content of the recommendation that your recommender might not have included, and that would significantly optimize the letter from an admissions perspective.

Drafting Your MBA Resume 

This commonly overlooked aspect is the need to adjust the message of your Resume for its “new” function: serve as a tool to get you into an MBA, not land your next job.

The MBA resume is used in two critical moments – it is usually the first element of your application that the AdCom reviewer will read – yet they will do so very briefly: London Business School reports the resume is read for 6 seconds (!!), on average. This means that it must immediately instruct the reviewer on certain aspects of your profile.

Secondly, the resume is usually the only piece of information that your interviewer will possess about you, so it must serve as a guideline for the interview process as well. We will guide you to understand the skills and experiences that most business schools value—and how we can highlight them in the resume.

Final Checks 

An MBA application has numerous details, and we want to make sure that every element is in its place. All materials are double peer-reviewed, meaning two consultants, aside from the assistant and writing coach, will go over the final product to obtain a green light to submit.

This is important because your main consultant will come to know your story so well that we want an extra reviewer for a blind evaluation of the materials to make sure all ideas are coming across in the way that is intended.

Getting Ready for Interviews 

When you start receiving the MBA interview invites, the adrenaline rush is inevitable. Yet, we want to make sure that regardless of the interview format, you will be confident and ready. Our interview prep is unlimited, and while most will have one mock interview session per school, others, especially international candidates, will desire to practice more.

Upon selection, you will receive the most recent questions that have been asked at each B-School with feedback from our previous clients. Also, we will simulate the different interview styles and practice interview and post-interview etiquette.

Accepting an Offer 

Whenever there are multiple offers on the table, your consultant can help you figure out what to choose. As we have come to know you as an MBA applicant better than anyone else, we can provide insight in terms of the school fit for your personal and professional aspirations, as well as add some perspective in terms of career development, as we have clients who are 10-15 years out of their MBAs as well.

Scholarship Negotiation 

Especially with multiple offers, there is usually an opportunity to negotiate scholarship money. Your consultant can help you with the proper etiquette for this stage, giving you advice about what’s appropriate to ask for, and how to go about doing it. If there is room for negotiation at this stage, and you follow the guidance of your consultant, there is a high chance for success.