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GMAT Focus Prep: Comprehensive Course with Score Guarantee

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GMAT focus prep at MBA House.

Enjoy unlimited private tutoring, 50 intensive hours of live classes, a self-paced e-learning platform and round-the-clock support. We’re ready to meet you in Miami or New York, or online with our live zoom classes where seasoned teachers present subject-specific classes, and lend you the confidence of our score guarantee. GMAT focus prep at MBA House.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what we offer:

Course FeaturesDescription
Unlimited Private TutoringGet access to unlimited one-on-one tutoring sessions to focus on your specific learning needs and questions.
E-Learning Self-Paced SupportEnjoy the flexibility to steer your own learning journey with our comprehensive self-paced online resources.
50 Hours Of Live Classes (in person and online)Invest in a structured and interactive learning environment with fifty hours of live, tutor-led classes.
In-person Classes in New York and MiamiExperience the dynamic energy of in-person classes held in the learning hubs of New York and Miami.
Expert Teachers By SubjectLearn from industry veterans, each an expert in their respective subjects, ready to share their wisdom and insights.
Score GuaranteeWe stand behind our programs with a score guarantee — we’re committed to helping you achieve your target GMAT score.

Unlimited Private Tutoring

Key points to consider at MBA House GMAT Focus Private Tutoring service: 

MBA House offers unlimited private tutoring, included in any package, to supplement the 50 hours of live classes. Our support is designed to assist students in tackling any obstacles they face during their homework assignments, accessible via our e-learning platform and covering all class topics.

Here’s how MBA House’s Teaching system operates: Students have 21 live classes to attend, encompassing all test subject matter. Following each session, students gain access to recorded classes for lesson review, along with homework comprising official GMAT focus questions. These questions, all have been solved and recorded by MBA House teachers, are also provided for an intensive study experience.

Throughout their preparation journey, students can schedule as many private tutoring sessions as necessary. This combination of classes and tutoring enables students to advance swiftly in their preparation without encountering any educational gaps.

Watch a 4-minute sample of a live MATH class 

Students can come for 50 hours of live classes:

In person at our New York or Miami locations, or watch remote via Zoom.

Each class takes 100 minutes on average, and after each class students are referred to the e-learning material to practice on official questions.

Below is a screenshot of the official material.

You are able to build timed, non-adaptive, mini mocks and practice not only concepts and techniques, but also real simulations with official questions from past exams. By the conclusion of this training, you will be fully prepared to undertake all six official CATs (Computer Adaptive Tests).

Throughout this practice you count on the MBA House tutors to solve your questions as well as strategize next steps and receive guidance.

The MBA House teaching method has demonstrated greater efficiency for students. Instead of immersing themselves in practice without prior understanding of the subject matter or determining topics independently, students benefit from a structured approach and personalized guidance.

This integrated method ensures that students approach tutoring sessions with increased confidence and a deeper understanding of their challenges. Consequently, they are better equipped to address issues ranging from mastering specific topics to improving time management or managing test anxiety.

GMAT Focus Official Material

Watch a 3-minute sample of a live VERBAL class

Score guarantee for the GMAT focus Edition course

In striving to make your GMAT prep as effective as possible, we provide a unique score guarantee for the GMAT focus Edition course. This is not a mere promise; it’s our commitment to your success.

At MBA House, we understand that learning is not a linear process and each person has a different speed and style of learning.

Therefore, we enable our students to repeat the course, utilize e-learning resources, and continue private tutoring even after their initial contract period has ended—all without incurring any additional costs.

The GMAT focus Edition course at MBA House stands apart from other programs thanks to this flexible and all-inclusive approach. Even after your contract expires, you’re free to revisit the course material, retake classes, and interact with your private tutor, ensuring your preparation is reinforced without concerns about time constraints or additional fees.

What is MBA House GMAT focus prep and MBA Admissions Consulting?

Through meticulously tailored homework assignments, we guarantee practice under time constraints, fostering effective habits crucial for GMAT preparation. However, our support extends beyond that. Our MBA admissions consulting team, spearheaded by our founder, Vivianne Wright (Harvard 2019), remains dedicated to offering expert advice and guidance for all your admission-related inquiries.

Since 2010, when MBA House launched its GMAT tutoring with seasoned instructor Marcelo Ramos, we’ve seen an increase in the number of our students admitted to elite MBA programs such as HBS, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, and LBS. We believe the proof of our success lies in the success of our students, and we are continuously motivated to perform better. 

Investing in a GMAT tutor is not just an investment in knowledge but also an investment in time management, ensuring you focus on the right areas of your study. In the end, we aim to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consulting. We don’t just help you prepare for the GMAT; we prepare you for success.