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At College Prep House, we provide proven strategies that empower our students to achieve outstanding results and secure admission to their dream schools!

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Digital SAT Prep

The SAT, a crucial element of college admissions in the USA, is experiencing a major transformation. Beginning in 2024, College Prep House will introduce a digital version of the SAT, transitioning from the traditional paper-based format. This shift aims to modernize the exam, enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and alignment with the skills students need for success in college and beyond. College Prep House offers a comprehensive educational experience, providing more than 50 hours of live classes and official practice tests. This robust program is supported by a sophisticated e-learning platform, ensuring students have access to top-quality resources and materials anytime, anywhere. In addition to live classes, students benefit from unlimited private tutoring, allowing for personalized attention and tailored instruction. This combination of structured classes, rigorous practice, and individualized support ensures that every student is fully prepared to excel in their college admissions journey.

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College Admissions Consulting

College admissions can be one of the most thrilling yet challenging phases of your academic journey. This process is packed with endless checklists, numerous applications, and crucial deadlines. Many have successfully navigated these waters before you, and with the right guidance, you will too. Imagine stepping onto a campus where you feel at home, where your passions are nurtured, and where your potential is recognized. For the past 15 years, Vivianne Wright, a distinguished Harvard alumnus, has been dedicated to helping students and parents achieve Ivy League success through tailored guidance and support. With her extensive experience and deep understanding of the college admissions process, Vivianne has expertly crafted personalized strategies that highlight each student's unique strengths and aspirations. Her commitment to excellence and individualized approach has consistently led to remarkable results, opening doors to the most prestigious universities in the world. Through her mentorship, countless students have realized their academic dreams and secured their places at top Ivy League institutions.

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College Prep House has achieved remarkable success, securing over $90 million in scholarships for its students. With a stellar track record, every student has received acceptance into at least one of their chosen schools. This 100% acceptance rate underscores the effectiveness of College Prep House's comprehensive and personalized approach to college preparation. Their dedicated team of experts provides tailored guidance and support, ensuring that each student can maximize their potential and realize their academic dreams. With College Prep House, students are not only gaining admissions but also receiving significant financial aid, making higher education more accessible and affordable.