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If you’ve been keeping tabs on the educational world, it’s likely you’ve heard about the new GRE 2024. There’s a lot of buzz and perhaps a fair share of anxiety circling this revamped exam, leaving many students curious and somewhat concerned. But worry not! We’re here to break it down for you, address any uncertainties, and assist you along your journey of preparation. New GRE 2024: MBA House Prep with Unlimited Private Tutoring

Remember, change, though it might seem daunting, often brings opportunities for those who are prepared to grab them.

The new GRE 2024 is not only a testament to the ever-evolving world of education but also a reflection of the growing emphasis on comprehension and application of knowledge, rather than mere rote learning. To assist you in navigating these challenges, we’ll uncover the true innovations in the GRE 2024, explore its distinctions from earlier versions, and explain why embracing it is more beneficial than fearing it.

  • What’s new in the GRE 2024?
  • Why should you embrace the new GRE 2024?

So, buckle up and read on. Let us be your compass in this voyage through the GRE 2024’s exhilarating changes.

New GRE Test Structure

The GRE General Test is administered via computer, offering a user-friendly experience for test-takers. Its design allows you to skip questions within a section, revisit and modify answers, and provides the flexibility to select which questions within a section you prefer to tackle first.

  • Computer Based
  • Allows to skip questions
  • Revisit and Modify Questions
  • Test time is 1 hour and 58 minutes 
  • 5 sections

MeasureNumber of QuestionsTime
Analytical Writing(One section)“Analyze an Issue” task30 minutes
Verbal Reasoning (Two sections)Section 1: 12 questionsSection 2: 15 questionsSection 1: 18 minutesSection 2: 23 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning(Two sections)Section 1: 12 questionsSection 2: 15 questionsSection 1: 21 minutesSection 2: 26 minutes

The Analytical Writing section will consistently be presented first. After completing the Analytical Writing section, the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections may present themselves in any sequence.

Section-Level Adaptation

The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections operate on a section-level adaptive format.

In each measure (Verbal and Quantitative), the initial section is of average difficulty. However, the difficulty level of the subsequent section depends on your performance in the first section.

For instance, if you excel in the initial Quantitative Reasoning section, the difficulty level of the second Quantitative Reasoning section will be elevated.

Scoring for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections considers both the total number of correctly answered questions across the two sections and the difficulty level of each section.

Test Features

The adaptive nature of the GRE General Test permits you to navigate forward and backward within a section freely:

  • Tag questions, so you can skip them and return later
  • Ability to change answers within a section
  • On-screen calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning section

MBA House GRE material

MBA House Google GRE material
MBA House GRE material

GMAT or GRE for MBA?

Key Points to Consider When choosing between the GMAT and GRE:

 While Business Schools state they have no preference between both tests, it’s important to note that a smaller percentage of students gain admission to business schools through GRE scores compared to the GMAT. For example, only 31% of Harvard’s incoming class of 2025 were admitted with GRE scores, while 69% submitted GMAT scores. This statistic can be perceived as either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on individual performance and conversion rates between the scores. So what should be taken into consideration in order for a candidate to choose the GRE over the GMAT? 

1. Expanded Opportunities: GRE scores offer broader applicability beyond business school programs. They allow candidates to apply not only to MBA programs but also to various master’s and doctoral programs requiring standardized test scores. If you are interested in pursuing a dual degree MBA, the GRE may be a better option. 

2. Perceived Ease: There persists a myth that the GRE could be a less challenging exam compared to the GMAT. This is not entirely true. What is actually the case is that some students do better with one test format or the other. The GRE essentially is closer in structure to the SATs, so for students who were successful in their college admission tests, there is less of a learning curve towards the GRE. On the flip side, the GMAT requires more abstract reasoning which is typically developed through work experience and decision making – candidates who have been out of an academic setting for a longer time might find the GMAT easier to relate to. 

3. Risk Mitigation: Regardless of the test, B-Schools are looking for competitive results, one that sets your application apart from others. If the GMAT score falls short of such competitiveness, especially in terms of Quantitative Reasoning results,  investing in GRE preparation could be a strategic move to secure a competitive score.

4. Time invested: It is not uncommon for students to reach out to MBA House after failing to achieve their target scores through self-study and other online courses. Oftentimes when these students seek our assistance they ask whether they should insist on the test they have been studying so far. Our initial recommendation will be for candidates to stick to the test they have been working on, at least in order for our team of experts to be able to address what has been holding the student back. The end goal is to achieve a competitive score in the least possible amount of time.    

5. Justification Preparation: Candidates opting for the GRE should be prepared to justify their choice during B-School interviews. Anticipating questions about why they chose the GRE over the GMAT is crucial, whether it’s due to broader program interests or strategic exam preparation.

6. Impact on School Rankings: Schools frequently prioritize applicants with exceptional standardized test scores, as these scores elevate the median GMAT and GRE figures, consequently enhancing the institution’s prestige. Therefore, achieving a stellar GRE score can enhance one’s desirability to schools.

In conclusion, if confident in achieving a high GRE score, candidates should consider pursuing this option, leveraging its broader application scope and perceived ease of preparation.


MBA House Strategies for GRE 2024

One of the significant changes in the new GRE 2024 is the reduction of questions, creating a faster and less strenuous experience. However, this doesn’t mean that your preparation should take a backseat. Each question now bears greater weight, making a strong strategy crucial for maximizing your score. 

The right guidance and strategy can be a game-changer for your GRE 2024 preparations. Getting expert guidance that helps you understand the nuances of the test, sharpen your skills, develop GRE effective strategies, and manage your time effectively can make a significant difference.

MBA House instructors, are equipped to provide just that. If you need personalized guidance, be sure to book a GRE strategy call with us to understand more about your profile as a test-taker and identify areas you need to work on to improve your score. 

MBA House provides you a comprehensive understanding of the GRE, including insights into the new 2024 changes. This deep understanding is a key advantage that sets our students apart. Moreover, every step of your test prep is personalized, based on your unique learning style and capabilities. 

Here’s one feature that stands out with our GRE prep: the opportunity for a free consultation.

 What is the GRE score needed for your target school?

 The GRE is one of many factors taken into consideration. As a rule of thumb, for top MBA programs, a combined score above 330 is competitive. Achieving a balanced score between Quantitative and Verbal sections is crucial; however, a competitive advantage can also stem from a higher Quantitative result, even if there’s a slight imbalance.

 How your professional career will be balanced according to your score and your school choices?

 Higher test scores usually strengthen the overall chances of admission of a candidate significantly. It also results in a greater chance of receiving scholarship awards. Considering both these reasons, a high GRE score would enhance the chances of a candidate attending a highly competitive MBA with less debt, which means faster ROI and better job opportunities.   

 What is the GRE score needed in comparison to someone applying with the GMAT to the schools you are targeting?

 The score-for-score comparison of the GRE versus the GMAT is best exemplified by the median scores for the Class of 2025 at Harvard Business School: on the GMAT, it is 740 (42 on verbal and 49 on quant), and the median GRE scores per section are 163 for both Quant and Verbal. Such results are very close in terms of percentile, at approximately 96% for Verbal and 74% for Quant. 

Is the math section on the GRE really easier than on the GMAT?

 This is an ongoing myth that results in students undertaking the GRE instead of the GMAT in order to bypass the “harder” math. Since we offer instruction for both tests, some students will prepare for both and they tend to achieve very similar results. The GRE test is structured in a way that might seem closer to the experience of taking the SATs, and for some, that familiarity is helpful. On the other hand, the types of questions on the GMAT are more abstract, and better resemble the reasoning we tend to experience at work and in decision making, hence some students that have been out of the academic environment will fare better on the GMAT test instead. 

Can I prepare for both GRE and GMAT with MBA House and decide later what will be the best test for me?

 A big part of the content matter for both tests is the same in both Quant and Verbal sections, so in effect you are studying for both. On your initial study plan meeting at MBA House we will define with you what test to begin focusing on. This depends on different factors, such as has the student been previously studying for one of the tests? What are the student’s goals? What are the student’s target schools? What is the student’s academic background? And finally, what are the student’s strengths and weaknesses?

Before you even commence your journey, we offer to align your GRE test strategy with your overall MBA application plan. It’s all about personal attention, advice, and tools that will carry you through this essential transition in your educational journey. 

The new GRE format could be a game-changer for your score. Remember, it’s no longer about spending hours cramming; it’s about strategic studying, and that’s where we come in. Our GRE prep follows a targeted methodology, focusing on your weaker areas to maximize your improvement. 

Last but not least, our services go beyond just test prep. We understand that the path to graduate school begins with a single, decisive step. We are here to help you take that step and guide you right through your application process. 

What resources can I use to prepare for the GRE 2024?

One of the most beneficial resources for your GRE 2024 preparation would undeniably be the GRE Official Guide books. Known for their accurate representation of the test format and questions, these study guides provide a comprehensive look at what you can expect in the upcoming GRE test. 

These books are devised by the same team that formulates the GRE, making them the most credible and authentic study material you can find. They delve into each section of the test, offering detailed explanations of the types of questions you might encounter and strategies to tackle them effectively. 

What makes the GRE Official Guide books stand out from the rest is the fact that they not only prepare you for the test content but also educate you on the test’s updated structure and timing, providing invaluable insights into the newly revamped GRE 2024. 

While preparing with the GRE Official Guide books, it’s advisable to take timed practice tests, note down difficult areas, and review them regularly. All in all, while studying for the GRE 2024, these official guides ought to be at the top of your preparation arsenal.

How can I maximize my score in the new GRE 2024?

  • To boost your GRE 2024 score, one crucial method is to familiarize yourself with the new structure of the test. A close understanding of the new format, length, and question types can significantly enhance your preparedness and, ultimately, your score.
  • GRE Strategy with an experienced instructor can be very insightful. During this session, you can get answers to your questions about the GRE, gain a deeper understanding of what specific areas you need to focus on for improvement, and explore if you are a suitable candidate for private tutoring.
  • Recognizing the reduced number of questions in the revised GRE exam allows for better time management during the test. It can also help ease anxiety knowing the test is shorter, resulting in improved performance.
  • Consider taking advantage of the new on-screen calculator for the GRE Quantitative Reasoning section. Grasping how to use this tool efficiently can make a significant difference in your performance on quantitative problems.
  • If you decide to retake the test, the ScoreSelect option could be of great help. This feature allows you to choose which GRE scores from your last five years to send to the institutions of your choice. Therefore, even if your retest does not go as planned, your previous scores can still be used to your advantage.