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There are many different types of GMAT Prep Courses available, so how one should choose the option that provides the best bang for the buck? 

GMAT Test Prep companies such as Veritas Prep and Princeton Review offer live online courses that take place on specific nights a week (usually 2x a week) for a couple of months, and work as an overview of the general concepts covered on the GMAT exam. These courses tend to be dynamic, but since they emphasize on tips and tricks for the GMAT, their content is not really tailored to a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and although they may offer a slight score improvement (generally an amount that is covered in their money back guarantee policy), one will not generally be able to significantly increase their score.

In order to effectively study for the GMAT and score higher on test day, one needs to have a study plan that is personalized to their specific needs, and be able to utilize multiple teaching methods such as private tutoring and computer adaptive gmat practice test. At MBA House, we use a variety of methods to bring out the best in our students, covering all the subject matter of the GMAT in depth – be it concepts of essential parts such as the Quantitative and Verbal sections or, less relevant parts such as Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment. 

MBA House students arrive at the testing center with the confidence that they have thoroughly prepared themselves for that day – be it in-person or online. 

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