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If in case you want to join one of the best and biggest business schools or an MBA program, you have certainly heard about the average GMAT score. Before you analyze the GMAT exam, you should know for yourself what is a nice note, after all we are talking about future opportunities, it would be to enter a dream school, study at Harvard, Stanford, or any of the thousands of schools that are distributed in the world? Around these questions, for you to stay on top of everything that revolves around the world of this test, we have prepared for you a graph on the required score of one of the largest universities:

Name of Business Schools
or MBA Program

Average GMAT


Stanford University734 1848
University of Pennsylvania
( Wharton )
Northwestern University730 31.289
University of Chicago
( Booth )

Massachusetts Institute

of Technology

Harvard Business School72861.868
University of California-Berkeley
Columbia Business School721 81.284
Yale University721 9722
New York University (Stern)721 10717

Obs: (GMAT score chart)  Updated information taken from the US News and Word Report.

And if you already have a grade suitable for a university such as Harvard 725, as well as the required score for this institution, here at MBA House you can concentrate your focus on admission consulting, and seeing everything about what is necessary and requested, we let you know about the process and tips for you to do well in the interviews.  And if you haven’t reached the average grade of the university that you want so much, we have the best methodology on the market, that you evolve in a short time, and always in constant progress, always going with the weak and strong points.

And for you, what is a good GMAT score?

And seeing this graph, you should ask yourself what would be a good score for the GMAT exam, whether it is a 700, 670 or 531 score, several questions are included in addition to the note, after all if you do not have a good admission consultancy of strong application in support of you you may not be able to study at your dream school, in addition to tests, questions like interviews, and the entire process of preparing for admission is also in the middle, representing your ideas, and your potential for the university you want. Punctuation is relatively important, after all you are studying for something that can totally change the course of your life, and taking a highest gmat score can set you apart from other students, thus drawing the attention of major universities, and in just a few steps you just studying for the GMAT, and us at MBA House doing the entire admission process, it has never been easier for you to get closer to your goals.

Here at MBA House, we do the GMAT score calculation for you, starting with classes with activities based on the simulated GMAT, and we can estimate where your average is, and if you have already taken the real GMAT test we will keep you informed about the validation of your score, as well as your percentiles.

Applications for GMAT Prep in the best business schools in the world, like:

  1. INSEAD – France
  2. Harvard University – United States
  3. Stanford University – United States
  4. London Business School – United Kingdom
  5. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi – Italy
  6. HEC Paris – France
  7. University of Pennsylvania – United States
  8. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom
  9. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – United Kingdom
  10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – United States

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