Class Schedule

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Staying organized is something that takes a lot in the Class Schedule, as this exam helps the student to be beyond able to solve both quantitative and verbal problems, and shows him how to manage his time, as it is a test with limited time.

And the logic is that every time you get it right, the test adapts to you, and you are doing well, relatively making the test more difficult.

Having a certain schedule of what is to be studied, at what time and on what date, is not a challenge here at MBA House, and in addition to schedules here you can attend classes from wherever you want, and wherever, in the Online mode for you who doesn’t have time to be able to attend one of our offices.

MBA House is committed to you, class schedule trying to make transparent and visible to the maximum, all your strengths and weaknesses, so that we can work better on your goals. And we will often have tutors who will help you whenever you are lost, you find yourself and improve. With the best and most comprehensive methodology on the market, you don’t miss out on anything in the course, and you will always progressively help yourself.

And what makes the MBA House preparatory course different? Simple, we focus on a study technique that results in hours of classes, always sharing content to keep your knowledge grid balanced, and always on top of the best methods to apply in the GMAT test, and with innovative content that always helps the student not to get lost in the test, from memorizing the formulas so that you don’t get in the exam and get lost, but rather that you know how to solve it in a few minutes, being difficult or not.