Blending Live Classes and E-Learning: GMAT and GRE Preparation with MBA House

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GMAT prep and GRE prep e-learning support. Seizing the reins of your academic future requires dedication, strategic planning, and the right resources — especially if you’re gearing up for the GMAT. Stepping in to support your journey in an innovative way is the e-learning GMAT focus platform from MBA House.

Serving as an empowering hub for students, this platform leverages the benefits of advanced technology and academic resources artistically. It not only offers you the freedom to revisit live theoretical classes but also the opportunity to tackle official GMAT and GRE questions under expert video guidance. Best of all, you can pace your studies according to your comfort and convenience.

“Making the most of e-learning isn’t about replacing live classes; it’s about using it as a potent supplement to your hands-on learning experiences.”

Live Classes vs E-Learning: Why Not Both?

When it comes to preparing for the GMAT, there really is no need to choose between live classes and e-learning — why not take advantage of both?

The development of the e-learning GMAT focus platform by MBA House was created with this exact thought in mind: to aid in the continuous development of the student. The platform allows for the review and replay of live theoretical classes, the opportunity to work through official GMAT questions under the guidance of video instructions, and for the student to set their own study pace and timeline. 

However, it’s vital to bear in mind that e-learning shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement for getting that face-to-face instruction.

In contrast, it should be seen as a fantastic complement to live, structured classes. The reason behind this is that it is in these live, in-person classes where students receive motivation, advice, and flexibility, aspects that are often difficult to replicate accurately on an e-learning platform. 

This doesn’t mean that e-learning isn’t effective, though. On the contrary, e-learning offers its own unique advantages and can serve as an excellent extension of live classes, expanding and reinforcing the learning experience.

Therefore, the e-learning platform from MBA House can indeed be seen as a powerful auxiliary tool to complement live classes, enhancing the whole learning process.

GMAT Focus E-learning – Combinatorics

GMAT Focus Combinatorics

GMAT Verbal E-learning – Reading Comprehension 2

GMAT Focus Verbal

Embracing the Power of Flexibility in GMAT or GRE

When you’re striving to achieve your GMAT goals, MBA House presents a dynamic solution, skillfully combining live core class sessions with an exhaustive and intuitive e-learning program.

This equation capitalizes on the transformative potential of blended learning in education, enabling you to optimize your study time and pace according to your unique needs and schedules. 

Think of it as using two roads to reach your destination; these complementary platforms, though distinct in nature, converge to create a learning journey that is both rewarding and flexible.

The live classes offer a tangible, human connection, fostering an encouraging environment that breeds motivation and provides personalized guidance and gentle nudging in the right direction. 

Simultaneously, the e-learning platform supports this live interaction with a self-paced, highly customizable layout.

Here, you can revisit theoretical classes, solve official GMAT questions with guided video assistance, and set your own study tempo, thereby allowing you to consolidate your understanding at your comfort and increase your confidence in handling different components of the GMAT. 

In recapitulation, MBA House integrates the best practices of blended learning to ensure a comprehensive, flexible GMAT prep and GRE Prep process. 

Preparation: The MBA House Way

  • The e-learning GMAT focus platform from MBA House is designed to foster student progression, facilitating a deeper understanding of the course content.
  • The platform incorporates features that allow students to revisit live classes, work through GMAT and GRE‘s official questions with guided video instruction, and learn at an individualized pace.
  • The effectiveness of e-learning lies in its role as a complementary resource to live instruction, as live classes provide aspects such as motivation and guidance that may be challenging to replicate in a digital environment.
  • Ahead of introducing blended learning strategies, a proper program orientation enhances the learners’ confidence in navigating the different components.
  • One of the best practices for blended learning, as promoted by MBA House, is empowering learners to capitalize on both live classes and the support provided by learning technology.

Breaking Down the Effectiveness of MBA House’s E-Learning in Complementing Live Classes

Learning ApproachBenefitsChallenges
Live ClassesHigh interaction, provides motivation, offers guidance, allows for spontaneous questionsScheduling can be challenging, can be less flexible in pacing
E-LearningFlexible schedule, allows repeat viewings, self-paced learning, provides video guidanceLower interaction, can lack the motivational aspect of face-to-face learning
MBA House’s Blended ApproachCaters the benefits of live classes and e-learning, increased student motivation, flexible, offers the ability to repeat viewings and pace self-study.Requires self-discipline for e-learning component, balancing between the two modes of learning

Official GMAT e-learning platform – MBA House

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