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MBA Admissions Consultants – How to choose who to work with?

When considering MBA Admissions Consulting firms, there are many to choose from – brand names such as Stacy Blackman Consulting, Menlo Coaching, David White Consulting, MBA Exchange and Veritas Prep are among the few that show up quite often. In general, admission consultant services work in a similar fashion – they pair you with a consultant that charges either by an hourly rate or for a particular task. They also claim that such consultants were part of admission offices at some point in their careers and this qualifies them to offer application advice on how to get into top business schools.

While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with such claims, there is an acute oversight of what to hire an mba admissions consultant is all about. Prospective candidates to highly sought programs such as GSB Stanford and Harvard Business School are willing to pay top dollar to admission counselors if that helps improve their odds of acceptance in anyway. And so they do. 

The issue with such approach is that no matter how many discovery meetings the admissions consultants offer, still their Admissions Consulting service is approached as several separate elements of the application (each offered for a price). It is common for prospective MBA applicants to order a revision for the HBS essay (one single essay), or the Stanford “What matters most essay” – but the truth is it is not effective to have the Admissions process done this way, not even by a “ star” consultant. 

What is effective is what leads to conversion from Admissions directors, and that is a wholesome profile. Only by considering the interplay of essays, recommendation letters, resume, test scores, transcripts, and entire online application one is capable of showing up with a result that stands out among the thousands of materials the business school admission committee is reviewing. 

MBA House focuses on this integral approach by offering all-inclusive school package covering all aspects of the application, and considering this together with the GMAT or GRE score strategy and scholarship applications. Schedule a meeting with us today!