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At MBA House we have certified admission coaches in career coaching who use different and effective methods to help you visualize (and verbalize) your personal and professional career goals. Knowing your goals, getting to know you better, our team will help you find the Postgraduate Programs that offer the best adjustments for your needs.

Dedicated, In-House Team of Experts

You will work with both an Admissions Coach and a Writing Coach, all with Ivy League backgrounds. They are full time employees at MBA House, which is very different from other Admissions Consulting firms that hire consultants by the hour based on demand. By having our coaches in-house, we are able to offer a better service at a better price, because this is not a side-job for us. What’s more, our coaches interact with your Test Prep Tutors to create a strategy that is also based on your score performance, enabling you to fast track your admission process.

GMAT e GRE na Mba House em Sao Paulo SP BR
Beatriz Campos MBA HOUSE admissions consultant with USC Marshall admissions committee

Unlimited Meetings and Essay Revisions

Whether it is to discuss a particular MBA program you have in mind or review an essay or your online application, our team is there for you. You can schedule as many meetings as you like, be it in-person at our office or online. Your application will only be considered done when both sides are satisfied with the results. For us, that means it is a competitive application for the targeted school.

Video Essay and Interview Coaching

As part of our Admissions package, we coach you towards making the best impression to the Admissions Committee be it on camera or live at your interview meeting.

Weekly Admission Clinics

We just love to teach, and we teach you how to build your best application. Get inspired by our weekly clinics held at our office (but broadcasted live, in case you are not able to make it in person). These participative Clinics encompass actionable tips and tricks you can immediately build into your application. Some of the themes include:

  • How to master Stanford’s What Matters Most Essay;
  • Business School Resume Do’s and Don’ts;
  • GPA concerns for International Candidates;
  • How to write the single essay for HBS;
  • How to choose your Recommenders;

Interested in a theme that is not coming up this week? Now to worry, you can access the MBA House Admissions Clinics database to watch at your convenience. And, our consultants also take suggestions for upcoming clinics!

The Stress Test

Once your application is considered almost ready by your coaches, we submit it to the ultimate stress test: a blind review by a former alumnus of the program you are interested in (A.K.A The MBA House Board). This is to make sure that what your application is portraying truly fits what the school is looking for in a candidate. Then, with these insights taken into consideration, you will have the final result!

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Best Value

We challenge you to find a better value for your money. Our All-Inclusive packages cost less than our competitor’s most basic offerings. Check GMAT Cost Here!

International Students

MBA House is the leading Test Prep and Admissions Consulting company in Latin America and frequently receives international students at our Manhattan office. Therefore we offer a unique methodology that helps international students bridge the gap that is keeping them from gaining admission to a top B-School.

Best Learning Experience

MBA House has partnered with We Work to offer an incredible environment for our candidates. Here you not only will enjoy our lively workshops but also have private consultations at our meeting rooms and lounging areas. Also, why not enjoy a Cappuccino and network while you are here?

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Our goal is initially to provide students, parents, and educators with an accurate representation of the college admissions counseling industry. Among the classifications, we will provide information on all classified companies. We are always dedicated to helping students find schools that will be a good option for them, where they will be happy and succeed in their professional careers.

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