Manhattan GRE Preparation Course Online Platform

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE for short is an exam that can be taken anywhere with an Internet connection (or in a prepared unit) and the grade is used as an admission requirement in various MBA and graduate programs at various universities / business schools. The verbalization sections for test reading ask for problems […]

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GMAT Preparation Course in Seattle

The Graduate Management Examination Test is a test that, with the score you get admissions to universities, it is possible for the candidate to get a scholarship with units throughout the North American territory for example as in Seattle, a city located in Puget Sound, in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA, considered the […]

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GMAT Mixture Problems in section Quantitative

In the GMAT, one of the sections is the quantitative section, which tests the professional / candidate’s ability to test their problem solving, or apply problems, and how common and mixing problems appear in the Quantitative section of the GMAT. It is important that the candidate knows how to differentiate between them. In the Graduate […]

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GMAT Preparation Course in Manhattan the Right Choice

Since 2009, more than 1000 candidates have relied on the services of the best and most dedicated GMAT and MBA Admissions Consulting company in New York – a Manhattan Prep called MBA House. Our GMAT Manhattan students received over $30 million US dollars worth in scholarships since 2009. The GMAT is fundamental to this great […]

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GMAT Prep in New York

The MBA House located in the largest and most populous district of NYC, with the New York Preparation study office that is Fifth Avenue in Midtown. The best gmat prep course close to Grand Central Station, your GMAT Test Prep offers the best gmat preparation at an extremely convenient location for in-person classes and admissions […]

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Considerations about declining applications for American MBA programs

Considerations about declining applications for American MBA programs 2020 appears to be a difficult year for American MBAs. There has been a decline in applications for the American MBA programs as a market trend. In 2019 the fall was 6.9%. This decline does not affect the most prestigious business schools in the United States, but […]

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How to write good MBA essays

How to write good MBA essays An essential part of the application process, a well-written essay shows who you are, how you think and why you are a good candidate for that university. Writing well is a challenge. Especially when we have to limit the number of characters or words in our narrative. But the [...] Read More
what is gmat

What is GMAT?

What is Graduate Management Admission Test? What is the GMAT, discovery all about this Acronym and learn how to get a very high score! The GMAT was the first test elaborated exclusively to evaluate candidates that seek admission to Business related GMAT PrepGraduate programs. What sets the GMAT apart from other tests is that it [...] Read More

How MBA House makes an MBA become a financially viable endeavor

How MBA House makes an MBA become a financially viable endeavor The International MBA is a gigantic career accelerator. It increases and significantly accelerates your chances of becoming a CEO. It significantly increases your earnings, even within the first 4 years since your graduation. It enacts a nimble career shift, be it regarding the work [...] Read More