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Deciding to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and study for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a significant step in advancing one’s professional career. But, like any major undertaking, it comes with its own set of challenges. Welcome, dear prospective MBA student, to this comprehensive guide, poised to offer you that extra edge in your education and career journey.”
GMAT Focus GRE Prep MBA Consulting.

When it comes to a robust GMAT Focus (Graduate Management Admission Test) prep, GRE prep, and MBA admissions consulting, there are myriad resources, but they may not all be created equal. In this dynamic, fiercely competitive landscape, one name consistently rises to the top: MBA House.

This article aims to provide a deep dive into how MBA House could serve as your multi-pronged ally in your quest for success. From GMAT prep to MBA admissions consulting, consider this your indispensable resource for erm each major milestone in your educational journey.

  • Understand how MBA House distills complexities in GMAT prep and GRE prep into digestible, doable tasks.
  • Uncover the proven strategies they use in their comprehensive MBA admissions consulting program.
  • Discover how they tailor their teaching techniques to each individual’s unique needs for ultimate success.

So, dear future MBA holder, this does not only mark the beginning of an informative post, but rather, it offers a window into your bright future. Now, shall we safely embark on this journey together?

Unlocking Success with MBA House GMAT Focus Prep

If you’re aiming to crack the GMAT Focus exam with a top score that helps you not only to be accepted but in conquer scholarships too, the pathway to your dream lies with MBA House.

MBA House’s GMAT prep is renowned for helping prospective MBA students identify their strengths and weaknesses. With our meticulously planned method using official prep materials, you’re continually made aware of your progress, allowing you to focus on improving weak areas while honing your strengths.

An important part of your journey to a high GMAT score, above 705, is knowledge of the test format and the nature of questions asked. MBA House ensures you’re familiarized with the format and brought up to speed on any changes. We understand that the GMAT primarily tests your quantitative reasoning skills and include comprehensive prep tips and tricks to ace the quantitative section.

We also encourage all our students to keep a GMAT error log. This process promotes self-analysis and helps to identify areas of frequent mistakes. Our expert teachers guide you through this process, providing you with personalized feedback and strategies for improvement. Unlimited private tutoring is included in the regular course.

Widely renowned for their effectiveness, our GMAT prep materials include both online and offline resources. We use the official GMAT study material only. Additionally, for first-time test-takers or those unfamiliar with the current GMAT exam, mock test delivers invaluable insights beyond those provided by the Enhanced Score Report (ESR).

You can choose whether your approach is Quant driven, Verbal driven, or Data Insights driven to reach your GMAT score goal of 705 or above. Regardless of your chosen approach, the one constant across all strategies is the rigorous practice. At MBA House, we truly believe practice forms the backbone of your preparation and contributes significantly towards improving your GMAT performance.

Additionally, a high GMAT score can help you stand out during the MBA admission process, increasing your chances of securing coveted scholarships too.

Advantages of MBA House’s Comprehensive GRE Prep

When you choose our comprehensive GRE prep, you are not just subscribing to a course, but laying the foundation for your academically enlightened future.

Our comprehensive GRE prep is designed to focus on augmenting your quantitative reasoning skills, honing your analytical writing competencies, and reinforcing your cognitive abilities to swiftly process complex verbal reasoning. We understand that mastering the GRE is more than just learning formulae and facts. It’s about deeply understanding the essence of the exam, which we integrate within our teaching methodology to provide you with an all-round edge.

Let’s also address the elephant in the room – GRE exam anxiety. At MBA House, we believe in immunizing all our students against this widespread phenomenon. By immersing you in numerous simulated test scenarios, we enable you to be comfortable, confident, and prepared for the actual test scenario. These practical experiences, coupled with intense practice sessions, prepare you to face the rigorous GRE with unflinching determination and unwavering focus.

Furthermore, enriching your GRE exam preparation are our carefully curated offline and online resources. Based on GRE official study material will offer you a comprehensive view on the GRE exam pattern, and help you keep a track of your steady progress.

In conclusion, partnering with MBA House for your GRE Prep is your strongest start towards an academically accomplished future. We are more than just your tutors, we are your partners, joining hands with you to help you walk this journey of achieving your dream score and subsequently, your dream school admission.

Mastering the MBA Admission Process with MBA House Consulting

With MBA House Admissions Consulting, you gain access to experienced advisers who can provide valuable feedback on your test scores and discuss application options tailored to your aspirations.

Still aiming for a top GMAT score of 705+? Great! With MBA House, your dream just got more tangible. Your GMAT score doesn’t just give you an edge during the admission process—it can also help you secure scholarships. Such opportunities can significantly minimize your financial burdens while pursuing your MBA dream.

Considering competing with GMAT, GRE, or EA scores? You’re in good hands. Programs like the prestigious Columbia MBA Program accept scores from these three exams. Whether your test was taken at a testing center or at home, your score can be your ticket to landing a seat in renowned MBA programs.

For a taste of the expert guidance you’ll receive, meet Vivianne Wright (Linkedin Profile)— Application Coach at MBA House. With her wealth of experience and qualifications, he embodies the excellence that MBA House represents. He’s there to guide you through every step of your test preparation and application processes.

Not sure if a Quant driven, Verbal driven, or Data Insights driven approach suits you best in achieving a GMAT score of 705? It’s not a decision you have to make on your own. MBA House’s specialized advisors can help you assess your strengths and develop a tailored approach that maximizes your potential.

Remember, excelling in GMAT calls for consistent practice. It’s not just about memorizing concepts. Harnessing the power of practice questions can be the game-changer in improving your GMAT performance. With MBA House, you’ll have access to a wide range of practice questions to refine your problem-solving skills and bolster your confidence.

Worried that you might need to retake your test? Let’s plan for it. Creating a study schedule that allows for enough time to retake the test before the admission deadline is crucial. MBA House’s consultants are wizards at helping you craft a study plan that factors in potential setbacks, ensuring you’re always steps ahead of your admissions timeline.

Securing admission to an MBA program is much more than just achieving a high GMAT or GRE score. While these standardized tests are undoubtedly important, they only paint a partial picture of an applicant’s potential. In today’s competitive landscape, MBA admissions committees seek candidates who bring a diverse array of experiences, skills, and perspectives to the table.

One critical aspect that often receives significant attention is an applicant’s professional background. Your career journey not only reflects your achievements and accomplishments but also demonstrates your leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, and capacity for growth. Admissions committees carefully evaluate your past career trajectory to gauge your potential to contribute meaningfully to the MBA community and succeed in your future endeavors.

Moreover, MBA programs value candidates who exhibit a holistic approach to their application. This entails showcasing a blend of academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, community engagement, and interpersonal skills. Each component of your application, from essays and letters of recommendation to interviews and personal statements, offers an opportunity to present a well-rounded portrayal of yourself beyond just your test scores.

Furthermore, the collaborative nature of MBA education underscores the importance of interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively in teams. Admissions committees look for evidence of your ability to collaborate, communicate, and influence others, as these skills are integral to success in the business world.

In essence, while standardized test scores are important, they should be viewed within the broader context of your application. A successful MBA application requires a strategic balance of academic achievement, professional experience, extracurricular involvement, and personal qualities. By presenting a comprehensive profile that highlights your strengths across these various dimensions, you enhance your chances of securing admission to the MBA program of your choice and setting yourself up for success in your future career endeavors.

Meet the Experts: The Dynamic Team behind MBA House’s Success

Our success at MBA House is built on the expertise of our incomparable team. At the core of our GMAT and GRE prep initiatives is Marcelo Ramos, our math wizard. Marcelo’s deep understanding of quantitative reasoning, coupled with his unique strategies, help our learners to master even the most challenging math concepts.

When it comes to verbal skills, Ana Shermann is our go-to expert. With her vast knowledge of the English language and familiarity with exam patterns, Ana ensures that our students excel in the verbal sections of GMAT and GRE. Her targeted coaching methods help students comprehend complex English usage rules and enhance their sentence correction, critical reading, and argument analysis abilities.

As for the MBA admissions process, Vivianne Wright, our admissions consultant, is at the helm. Her understanding of the dynamics of top-tier business school admissions rounds out our students’ MBA journey. With thorough feedback and detailed discussions, Vivianne guides students in making confident decisions about their test scores and application options. Whether you aspire to join the Wharton MBA Program or another prestigious institution, our dedicated team at MBA House is ready to guide your path!

Stand Out in Your MBA Applications with MBA House’s Admissions Consulting

MBA Applications Aspect MBA House’s Admissions Consulting Services
Test Scores Review and Feedback Professional evaluation of your test scores from GMAT, GRE, or EA, followed by detailed feedback and action plan.
Admission Process Guidance Comprehensive consultancy on how to make your application stand out, including optimizing your GMAT scores.
Scholarship Opportunities Consultation on how to improve your chances of securing scholarship opportunities using your strong GMAT score.
Custom GMAT, GRE and EA Preparation Plan Identification of your strenghts and weaknesses to develop a unique strategy, whether it’s Quant driven, Verbal driven or Data Insights driven, aiming for a high GMAT score (starting from 705). This same principle applies to the GRE and Executive Assessment tests.
MBA House
MBA House

At MBA House, we deliver effective strategies that allow our students to achieve winning results and gain admission to the school of their dreams!

Marcelo Ramos (Kellogg ‘19)
Marcelo Ramos (Kellogg ‘19)

At MBA House, we deliver effective strategies that allow our students to achieve winning results and gain admission to the school of their dreams!

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