GMAT Course

What makes for a good GMAT course?  There are several options to choose from: online courses, in-person courses and private tutoring. The answer to this question lies upon certain considerations. You need to ask yourself: 

1) What are your Strengths and Weaknesses? 

2) What is your GMAT score goal

3) Have you been studying for the GMAT alone? 

4) What is your availability for GMAT practice, test, etc ? 

MBA House takes these factors into consideration to develop personalized study plans for their students, unlike Manhattan Prep or Princeton Review, which expect the student to adapt to their study plan, and not vice-versa. 

Additionally, MBA House relies on the GMAT official guide and other materials developed by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) to have students practice for the GMAT exam, and hence not be surprised by the question formats and difficulty on test day. 

Therefore, in order to score higher on the GMAT’s official test, it is important to develop your all skills (not only the aspects you consider to be weaknesses) that matter for the test, a strategy that MBA House follows with their students through a mix of group classes and private tutoring, as well as constant assessments and drills. 

Our GMAT Course is divided in 2 levels: 

Phase 1: Focuses on going through the whole subject matter of the GMAT, according to the following syllabus:


Arithmetic I Reading Comprehension: Reading Strategies 
Arithmetic II Reading Comprehension: Global Questions 
Algebra IReading Comprehension: Detail Questions 
Algebra IIReading Comprehension: Inference Questions 
Plane Geometry Critical Reasoning: Argument Logic
Volume and Coordinate Geometry Critical Reasoning: Evidence-based Questions
Ratio, Proportion and PercentsCritical Reasoning: Assumption, Inference and Flaw 
CombinatoricsCritical Reasoning: Structural Question Types
Probability Sentence Correction: Parallelism and Idioms
StatisticsSentence Correction: Pronouns and Modifiers
Sets and SequencesSentence Correction: Verbs
Interest, Discount and ProfitSentence Correction: Clarity and Concision 
Distance ProblemsAnalytical Writing Assignment (AWA) 
Work ProblemsIntegrated Reasoning (IR) 
Age and Mixture Problems
Data Sufficiency 

Phase 2: After learning the concepts, there is an emphasis on time management and problem-solving strategies with Advanced Workshops and Drills. 

Private Tutoring is available throughout the membership. 

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