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MBA House offers the most comprehensive GMAT course on the market today, where you get an All-Access pass for classes and private tutoring for 6 months. This way, our instructors have time to help you find the strategies that work best in making your score grow. Find out why we are the best GMAT course out there:


Private Tutoring Sessions

We are the only GMAT Prep that includes real private tutoring with your regular GMAT Prep Course. This means that you are able to schedule multiple private learning sessions with our tutors throughout the duration of your 6-month course. Use these sessions any way you like, be it to review a CAT exam, go over exercises, come up with a new study strategy, etc. You will sit down with the same instructors that already know you from class, and therefore can continuously assess your progress.

Tailored Study Plan and Performance check-ups

From Day 1 at MBA House, we will sit down with you to examine your goals, and by this we mean multiple things: Are you targeting a very competitive MBA program where a top score is a priority? How many hours a week can you dedicate to your studies? Have you studied for the GMAT before? Are you a native English speaker or international student? All these questions and many more allow us to tailor the course towards your needs. We also frequently reassess your study goals based on your performance and upcoming tests, to make sure that you continue to consistently increase your GMAT scores.

More Class Hours

Unlike other test prep companies that offer a small number of classes and tick you off as having completed their course, we offer a 6 month program where you not only will go over more than 40 hours worth in classes, but you will also show us your performance on drills, CATs and private tutoring sessions. This allows us to really assess your performance as well as your strengths and weaknesses, resulting in an amazing increase in your GMAT score!

The Best GMAT Prep Software

Although GMAT Prep software is not a substitute for real life interaction with instructors and tutors, it is an important study tool. Our software was developed by INSEAD MBA alumni, who took into consideration the aspects of GMAT Prep software that they wished they had when preparing for the test. That’s why you will gain access to 5000+ unprecedented GMAT questions that can be built into Computer-Adaptive drills. Also the software’s reports will show you where to focus depending on what you are best and worst at. The software’s AI insights serve as an additional tool to discuss with your MBA House tutors.

Also Good to know

Expert Instructors

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, even GMAT instructors. Unlike other Test Preps where the same instructor teaches both the Quantitative and Verbal parts of the GMAT test, we have experts specialized in giving either Quant OR Verbal classes. This guarantees you get the very best instruction, hands down.

International Students

MBA House is the leading Test Prep and Admissions in Latin America, and frequently receives international students at our Manhattan school. Therefore we offer a unique methodology that helps international students bridge the gap that is keeping them from a top GMAT score.

Best Learning Experience

MBA House has partnered with We Work to offer an incredible learning environment for our students. Here you not only will enjoy our great and lively classes, but also have private tutoring and study at We Work’s great lounging areas and why not enjoy a Cappuccino and network while you are here?

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