GMAT Focus and GRE Prep: Comprehensive 50+ hours core course

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With a rich curriculum outlined over 50+ hours of live, in-person or online classes, MBA HOUSE specializes in reinforcing basic concepts demanded by these tests. More than just learning, it’s about understanding the unique language, cracking official questions, and learning to solve them through pattern recognition. GMAT Focus and GRE Prep: Comprehensive 50+ hours course.

This methodology is designed to help students increase their speed while maintaining their efficiency and accuracy. It’s more than just tackling test questions head-on – it’s about understanding what’s at stake, and getting to the core of what you need to know. 

MBA HOUSE believes that rushing into practice questions without reviewing involved topics, and investing in private tutoring before identifying through a core course where the student’s true needs lie, is a waste of time. It’s a valuable asset in this preparation phase where students continue with their daily tasks and need to be highly efficient.

The Comprehensive Method of MBA HOUSE

  • Calendar: Our live classes take place every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 7:30pm to 9:15pm ET via Zoom or in person at our New York and Miami offices.
  • Classes: The live core course consists of 18 classes (12 Quantitative, 6 Verbal, and 3 Data Insights), which can be completed in a span of 7 weeks.
  • No Fixed Start Date: At MBA House, we do not form groups; every class covers a particular topic, thus allowing you the flexibility to start anytime.
  •  Class Cycling: You can watch the classes and coursework solutions as many times as you want. So, if you worry about missing a class, you can rest assured that you can take it again at a different time.
  • Material: MBA HOUSE only uses official materials in its live classes.
  • Teachers: each teacher is specialized in the section they teach.
  • Homework: Every class comes with homework that allows you to review the theory on the e-learning platform via recorded videos, and solve sectorized questions with the help of video explanations.

Why live classes are so important?

MetricsLive CoursesSelf-Paced Courses
Student EngagementHighModerate to Low
Retention Rate85%45%
Test Score ImprovementsAverage rise of 150 pointsAverage rise of 40 points
Completion of Courses90%30%
Time UtilizationEffectiveLess Efficient
Note: Data compiled from MBA House student feedback

Speed and Precision: The Dual Aim of MBA HOUSE’s Test Prep Method

At MBA HOUSE, the GMAT Focus and GRE preparation mechanisms are adapted to suit not only the curriculum but also the exam’s structure.

The dual objectives of our test prep method are speed and accuracy, ensuring that students can solve problems quickly without losing their efficiency. 

We understand the value of time in a student’s journey to ace the GMAT or GRE exams, which often have stringent time constraints. Our more than 50 hours of live classes, be they in person or online, are carefully designed to review all the elementary concepts needed for these tests.

They help shape the specific language and introduce students to official exam questions, teaching them how to solve them using pattern recognition. This approach enhances speed without compromising accuracy. 

This adept preparation isn’t just about mastering content; it’s also about training on pace and test-taking skills

At MBA HOUSE, we firmly believe in identifying the student’s level before providing private tutoring.

We think it is wasteful to go directly to practice questions without first reviewing the associated topics. This strategy of ours ensures that students can fulfill their daily tasks while being extremely efficacious in their GMAT focus and GRE preparation. 

In conclusion, taking our focused and dedicated preparation route will not only save your precious time but also equip you with the skills and tools needed to secure a competitive score on your GMAT or GRE.

Remember, practice is key to success, and we are here to help you achieve wide-ranging mastery.

Core Course Syllabus:


  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, Proportion and Percents
  • Statistics
  • Sets
  • Combiantorics
  • Probability
  • Series and Sequences
  • Rate Work Problems 
  • Rate Distance Problems
  • Cartesian Plan
  • Data Sufficiency Techniques


  • Reading Comprehension 1: Reading Strategies
  • Reading Comprehension 2: Global and Detail Questions
  • Reading Comprehension 3: Inference Questions
  • Critical Reasoning 1: Argument Logic
  • Critical Reasoning 2: Main Question Types
  • Critical Reasoning 3: Other Question Types


  • Graphics Interpretation Questions 
  • Table Analysis Questions 
  • Two-Part Analysis Questions 
  • Multi-Source Reasoning Questions 
  • Data Sufficiency  

Don’t take a GMAT CAT diagnostic test or a GRE power prep test before you begin your preparation with MBA House.

There are only 6 GMAT Focus Computer Adaptive Tests and only 3 GRE Power Prep Tests available on the market, and it’s crucial to utilize them at the correct moment. 

When preparing to take the GMAT or GRE, it’s absolutely critical to establish a solid foundation in the basics before delving into specific test strategies or intricate practice. That’s why MBA HOUSE suggests not taking a GMAT CAT or a GRE diagnostic before initiating the course. 

Diving headfirst into practice questions, particularly intricate ones featured in diagnostics, before understanding the fundamental concepts and subjects will simply “burn” a valuable evaluation tool better used at the right moment. 

Primarily, diagnostics are designed to gauge your understanding of the test content. However, without a solid grasp of foundational concepts, your performance might not accurately reflect your potential. 

Likening it to a scenario, it’s like attempting to measure the depth of the ocean when you aren’t equipped to swim. Your test score could deflate, providing a false representation of your abilities, which might lead to unnecessary stress. 

Only after this critical introduction and thorough foundational groundwork should you progress to tackling official questions and diagnosing your understanding. MBA House believes in optimizing your efficiency and precision by honing your problem-solving skills through established patterns, providing a more targeted and effective approach to your GRE and GMAT preparation. 

This method will wisely accelerate your process. More than 3,000 students have tested this methodology and achieved admittance to their dream business school since 2010.

MATH Class - Work ProblemsGMAT Focus Math Class – Work Problems

What is the role of private tutoring in MBA HOUSE’s GMAT and GRE prep approach?

In MBA HOUSE’s GMAT and GRE prep approach, private tutoring plays a crucial role in tailoring the learning process to the individual needs of each student. This personalized approach allows for a more in-depth understanding of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, which is essential for effective preparation.

Private tutoring in this context is not used as an initial step, but rather as a subsequent phase following a core course. The core course is designed to identify the student’s level and introduce them to the basic concepts and language of the tests. Only after this initial phase does private tutoring come into play, ensuring that the student’s time is used efficiently.

During the private tutoring sessions, the focus is on solving official questions through patterns. This method is designed to help the student acquire speed without sacrificing efficiency and accuracy. It’s a strategic approach that aims to boost the student’s performance by honing their problem-solving skills and enhancing their test-taking strategies.

Moreover, private tutoring provides an opportunity for students to clarify any doubts or questions they may have about the test content or strategies. This one-on-one interaction with a tutor can significantly enhance the student’s understanding and confidence, making it an integral part of MBA HOUSE’s comprehensive and personalized approach to GMAT and GRE prep.

Supportive E-learning Platform  – Critical Reasoning 1 

Verbal GMAT Class - Critical Reasoning

Why Does MBA House Only Use Official Materials?

  • MBA House believes in the authenticity and validity of studying from official materials. These materials, specifically developed by the creators of the GMAT and GRE tests, provide accurate representation of the questions, format, and difficulty level of the actual exams.
  • Unofficial study materials, while may offer a large pool of questions, often fail to replicate the nuances, style, and depth of the real test questions, potentially leading students astray in their preparation.
  • The official guides for GMAT and GRE are regularly updated with new questions extracted from previous exams, giving students a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of possible examination patterns and trends.
  • Using official materials allows MBA House to design its syllabus and teaching methodology in alignment with the actual exams, thus ensuring an efficient and more targeted preparation strategy.
  • Real exam situations, including pressure and time management, can be accurately simulated through practice with official materials, making it an invaluable aspect of the MBA House didactic approach.

GMAT Focus Official Material

GMAT Official Guide MaterialGRE Official Material

GRE Geometry - Offcial Material ClassesMBA HOUSE believes that practicing questions without reviewing the topics involved is a waste of time.