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GMAT Prep Course

Your GMAT score depends on having comprehensive study plans and private tutoring, and at MBA HOUSE GMAT test prep, you have both.

We are the last GMAT prep course you’ll ever need. MBA HOUSE prep courses allow you to study for the GMAT in an innovative way, and the average score improvement of our candidates is 210 points

The MBA HOUSE study material is composed entirely of official materials made available by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), with over 3 thousand exercises carefully divided between the verbal section and the quantitative section. Each section counts with exclusive MBA House teachers and tutors that are specialized in either one of these subjects, and therefore are able to assist candidates through the depth of what is required for the official test.

Performing well on the actual GMAT exam real depends on practice and time, therefore, MBA HOUSE has a paced course where you have the flexibility to choose how and when to attend, without ever missing a class. Every month and a half, the classes start over, and they do not have to be taken in a particular order. Additionally, GMAT private tutoring is included in the regular course membership.

More important than a score guarantee or your money back, the personal assistance you receive at MBA House enables you to achieve a competitive score, and this puts you a step closer to being accepted to an MBA. Instead of giving your money back in the case, your goal is not achieved, which means in a sense that the time and effort from your part were not worthwhile, MBA House has a system that continues working with you until the goal is met. Additionally, our in-house admissions consulting means you can pair the pursuit of a competitive GMAT score with the crafting of a winning application that not only results in your acceptance but also brings in thousands of dollars worth in scholarship awards. To Score higher is the MBA HOUSE motto, always.

GMAT Online courses with software that promise miraculous results may not be expensive, but you only realize that they are of very little help in increasing your score after at least two months of constant and solitary self-study. To attempt a GMAT practice without proper orientation is disastrous. The secret to a competitive GMAT score is more than just practice, practice, practice. When relying on GMAT practice test software, you must use official materials with constant personal orientation, and this is what MBA HOUSE offers at a competitive price, considering you get over 80 class hours between GMAT group classes and private tutoring and teaching.

Count with us for your MBA goals!

Gmat Preparation Courses

Only MBA House offers the most efficient GMAT course on the market today, where you get full access to classes and private lessons within 6 months. That way, our instructors will have time to help you find the best strategies that work best to increase your score. Find out why we are the best GMAT course on the market:

Private Course Sessions

Our course is the only GMAT Preparatory course that includes real private lessons, along with your GMAT classes. Therefore, with us you can schedule several private learning sessions with our tutors during the duration of your 6 month course. Use your sessions however you want, whether to review a CAT exam, create a new study strategy, review exercises, etc. You will be seated with the same instructors who already know you in the class, so you will be able to assess in a continuous way all your progress.

GMAT Preparation Course

Information about the GMAT Prep Course for the best business schools in the United States and in other schools around the world, including:

  1. Harvard University
  3. London Business School
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  5. Stanford University
  6. University of Pennsylvania
  7. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
  8. University of Cambridge
  9. HEC Paris
  10. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

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GMAT Preparation Courses

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Gmat Prep Course

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