MBA House in New York stands as a beacon for those seeking excellence in GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consulting. Renowned for its tailored and comprehensive approach, MBA House equips aspiring MBA candidates with the skills and knowledge to achieve their academic and career goals. 

“Our mission is to turn ambition into accomplishment,” declares the team at MBA House, reflecting their unwavering commitment to student success. 

Offering specialized services, MBA House provides: 

Each step of the way, MBA House ensures candidates are not just prepared, but confident and poised for success.

Why Choose MBA House for GMAT Prep?

MBA House stands out as the premier choice for GMAT preparation due to its comprehensive approach that combines personalized coaching with cutting-edge resources. Each student benefits from one-on-one sessions with experienced instructors who tailor strategies to individual needs, ensuring optimal performance on test day. 

Moreover, MBA House offers an extensive library of study materials, regularly updated to reflect the latest GMAT trends and question types. Interactive workshops and practice tests further reinforce learning, allowing students to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. 

The community at MBA House fosters a supportive environment where aspiring MBA candidates can share insights and motivate each other. This collaborative atmosphere, coupled with expert guidance, consistently leads to high scores and successful admissions to top-tier business schools.

Comprehensive GMAT Courses at MBA House

MBA House offers a structured curriculum that adapts to varying skill levels, ensuring each participant receives personalized attention. Experienced instructors guide students through all aspects of the GMAT, from quantitative reasoning to verbal skills, with a focus on mastering test strategies. 

The courses are designed with flexibility in mind, providing options for both in-person and online sessions. This allows candidates to tailor their study schedules around their professional commitments, optimizing their preparation times and maximizing their potential scores. 

Students benefit from extensive resources, including practice tests, interactive study tools, and detailed performance analytics. These elements work together to create a robust learning environment that supports continuous improvement and confidence in test-taking abilities.

Reviews: What Students Say About MBA House

Students consistently praise MBA House for its dedicated instructors and tailored approach to GMAT preparation. One former student noted, “The personalized attention and expert advice I received were instrumental in achieving my high GMAT score.” 

Another student highlighted the organization’s supportive environment, stating, “The team at MBA House made a daunting process manageable and even enjoyable. Their unwavering support significantly boosted my confidence.” 

Testimonials frequently mention the comprehensive resources available. “From practice tests to one-on-one sessions, MBA House provided all the tools I needed to succeed,” shared another satisfied client. 

Overall, these glowing reviews underscore MBA House’s commitment to student achievement and excellence in GMAT prep and MBA admissions consulting.


Students consistently praise MBA House for its exceptional GMAT preparation services and expert admissions consulting. Many highlight the personalized approach, comprehensive study materials, and experienced instructors that make MBA House stand out. 

John S., an MBA aspirant, shares, “Thanks to MBA House, I was able to achieve a GMAT score beyond my expectations. The structured classes, along with one-on-one guidance, truly made a difference in my preparation.” 

Another satisfied student, Emily R., mentions, “The admissions consulting at MBA House was instrumental in my acceptance to a top business school. The team’s insights and continuous support helped me craft a compelling application.” 

Explore more success stories here to see how MBA House has helped countless students reach their MBA dreams.

Why New York Students Trust MBA House

MBA House has distinguished itself as a leader in GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consulting in New York. With a dedicated team of experienced instructors, they provide a personalized learning experience that is unmatched in the industry. 

Their proven track record of helping students achieve their dream scores is a testament to their effective methodologies and commitment to student success. Grooming future business leaders starts with a strong GMAT performance, and MBA House delivers just that. By combining rigorous coursework with flexible scheduling, they ensure that every student gets the attention and resources they need to excel. 

At MBA House, comprehensive support doesn’t end with test preparation. Their MBA admissions consulting offers nuanced guidance tailored to individual goals, helping candidates craft compelling applications that stand out in a competitive field. It’s clear why New York students trust MBA House: their unwavering support, exceptional resources, and real-world results speak volumes.

MBA House – GMAT prep New York

GMAT Prep in New York

The MBA House is located in the heart of the Big Apple, with the New York Prep office located on Fifth Avenue in Midtown.

The best preparation course near Grand Central Station, your GMAT Test Prep offers the best preparation at an extremely convenient location for face-to-face classes and admissions consulting.

With a track record that exceeds 1000 candidates accepted into the best MBA programs in the world, MBA House in Manhattan specializes in GMAT Prep Classes and offers the alternative for in-person students to also attend online gmat classes

MBA House in New York offers GMAT Prep started in 2009 at W 42nd St and today is located at 575 Fifth Avenue, offering GMAT Math and GMAT Verbal classes for candidates seeking preparatory assistance to be accepted into the business school of their dreams.

Specializing in MBAs, MBA House also offers admission consulting services overseen by consultants with experience at Harvard and NYU, in addition to more than $ 30 million in scholarships awarded to our candidates.

Our GMAT course not only offers GMAT classes that consist of more than 80 hours of classes but also tutors and practice tests to enhance your study time with us. The teachers frequently evaluated and updated the format of the test centers. They also use the official materials that GMAC makes available on

Come visit us and we will achieve your goals together!

Best GMAT Preparation in Manhattan, New York (NYC)

GMAT in New York for exams, courses, tutoring and meets for all students. GMAT Preparation in NYC.

Graduate Record Examinations, Admission Consultants, TOEFL, and IELTS.

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Don’t worry, students living in these regions: Detroit Michigan, El Paso Texas, Memphis Tennessee, Baltimore Maryland, Boston Massachusetts, Portland Oregon, Las Vegas Nevada, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Albuquerque New Mexico, Tucson Arizona, Arlington Texas, Bakersfield California, New Orleans Louisiana, Honolulu Hawaii, Anaheim California, Tampa Florida, Aurora Colorado, Santa Ana California, St. Louis Missouri, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Stockton California everyone can also study the GMAT with MBA HOUSE.


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MBA House has other units in Miami, Florida and Austin, Texas come and visit us and learn how we can help you with our preparatory courses for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Graduate Record Examaminations (GRE) and Admission Consulting at the best business schools on the planet.

Manhattan Prep GMAT

manhattan prep gmat
Manhattan Prep GMAT

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Is it worth taking a GMAT prep course in New York?

Whether or not you’re a high test-taker, a plan can only help you better your abilities, and a regular education program with an instructor or teacher is well worth the investment.

What is the best GMAT prep course in New York?

The Top10 Best GMAT Prep Courses in New York (USA)

  1. Magoosh
  2. TargetTestPrep
  3. Manhattan Prep
  4. Kaplan
  5. The Economist GMAT Tutor
  6. e-GMAT
  7. MBA House (Tutors Experts in GMAT with Unique Methods)
  8. The Princeton Review
  9. Veritas Prep

Are 2 months sufficient for complete GMAT preparation?

A 60-day GMAT study program might sound difficult, but really – it’s precisely what we suggest: 2-months is an ideal quantity of time to qualify for the GMAT Course.

How much time demand to prepare for the GMAT Exam?

Recognize, studying for the GMAT needs time. Prepare to spend about 2 or 3-months and 100/120 hours studying material and practicing constantly. The best scorers on the GMAT consume 120+ hours.

We are the Best GMAT Prep Course?

Come see the best gmat course in nyc

The best GMAT preparation course for you based on guarantees, budget and learning style. The Graduate Management Admission Test, more commonly known as GMAT, is a computerized test developed (and currently administered) by The Graduate Management Admission Council.

Best GMAT Prep Course

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Best GMAT Prep Course

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Which online coaching is best for GMAT?

8 Best GMAT Prep Courses & Coaching Online for 2020

GMAT Prep Online
GMAT Test Prep Course Online
GMAT Prep Training Coaching
Online GMAT Prep
GMAT Coaching Online
Guaranteed GMAT Score Improvement
GMAT Veritas Prep Classes
GMAT Test Prep Online Coaching

Is Cat coaching enough for GMAT?

70% less time is taken to prepare for GMAT – Time required to prepare for the GMAT is significantly lower than CAT. A typical student spends 10-12 months preparing for the CAT. However, you can score a 700+ score on the GMAT with 2-3 months of preparation.

How can I study for GMAT online?

04 Best Practices to Prepare for the GMAT™ Exam

Start your GMAT exam process at least six months before your test results are due…
Review and study one section of the test at a time.
Review basic math skills.
Practice pacing, because time management is critical to completing the GMAT exam.

How long should u study for GMAT?

Remember, studying for the GMAT takes time. Plan to spend about two to three months and 100–120 hours reviewing material and practicing regularly. The top scorers on the GMAT spend 120+ hours, on average, studying for Test Day over a period of time.

Why do the GMAT Preparation in Manhattan NYC?

New York naturally attracts some of the most brilliant minds in the world, so it’s no surprise that some of our most brilliant instructors teach preparatory classes for the GMAT in Manhattan.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Course NYC

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Is Manhattan Prep Harder than GMAT?

But most GMAT assessments on the GMAT forums seem to indicate that the MGMAT tests are much more difficult than the GMAT tests, meaning that the GMAT scores were higher than the practical test scores

Are the Manhattan Prep GRE tests accurate?

Like existing models, they are not as accurate. The same is true of the GRE exams in Manhattan. The scores you get at the end of each Manhattan GRE test are unreliable, and you should only use Power Prep exams to estimate your actual score.

What percentile is a 700 on the GMAT?

88th percentile

700 GMAT is the 88th percentile according to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). In other words, just 12% of every test taken – or roughly 1 in every 10 – ultimately yield a score of 700 or above.

Do questions repeat in GMAT?

GMAT does repeat the question, BUT they have such a huge question bank that you would rarely see a repeated questions, even in several attempts! … Yes, GMAT questions repeated but not the same questionsQuestions pattern and concepts is same. In question changes the numeric digits and values.

Why do the GMAT Preparation in Manhattan NYC?

New York naturally attracts some of the most brilliant minds in the world, so it’s no surprise that some of our most brilliant instructors teach preparatory classes for the GMAT in Manhattan.

GMAT Course

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Are 3 months enough for GMAT preparation?

For your GMAT preparation schedule 3 months is enough time to study intensively without having to cram, to hone in on your weaknesses, and to, in most cases, reach the level of improvement in your GMAT score that you’re hoping for.

Is it bad to take the GMAT multiple times?

In short, no, it won’t. Retaking the GMAT doesn’t make you look badMany students retake the GMAT, so schools are used to seeing applicants with more than one set of GMAT scores. In fact, taking the GMAT more than once can show a school that you’re committed to improving on your work.

How long do you have to wait between GMAT exams?

How often can I take the GMAT™ examYou can take the GMAT exam once every 16 calendar days and no more than five times in a rolling 12-month period and no more than eight times total.

What is the syllabus of GMAT?

GMAT syllabus comprises of topics like Quantitative, Logical and Verbal Reasoning under sections – Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning. GMAT exam also includes the Analytical Writing Assessment section which is not presented in CAT Exam.