Best GMAT / GRE Courses

Forget everything you know about test prep. Our method is more efficient and with a study time it helps students to obtain extraordinary grades.

Best Admissions Consulting

Our team designs a strategy to fit your unique background and increase your chances of gaining admission to a top program.

Private Tutoring Included

Private lessons will be included as an exclusive method in your regular GMAT/GRE course. Our tutors are there for you, the whole time.

GRE/GMAT Study Prep

At MBA House, it gives you the best strategy that helps you with your preparation, allowing our students to achieve incredible results and be admitted to the school of their dreams!

You will have a different strategy to meet the unique needs of each professional, with special attention and a progress-oriented method.

The MBA House preparatory course center for the GMAT study based on our experience in the performance market, harmonizing an intuitive and very informative academic application with the techniques for you to stand out from the other candidates, focusing on and that it provides an integrated solution for candidates to one of the major major graduate, masters or doctoral programs.

And we also focus on preparatory courses for the GRE based on the same methodology as preparing the GMAT study, with the same levels of knowledge and progress, if the MBA, or post or doctoral programs that you are considering applying for the GRE test.

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Why MBA House

Comprehensive GMAT / GRE Prep

We offer a mix of sessions to be taught, extra classes and an online study platform, included for one semester to make you stand out from the other candidates.

6 Month Unlimited Membership

Individualized approach and unlimited assistance throughout your association. Over 80 hours of instruction included.

Study at one of our schools or online

All of our classes, private tutoring and admissions meetings are broadcasted live from our schools for your learning.

Unlimited Admissions Consulting

And we offer a strategy for you that the course adapts to your needs in your unique context, make revisions of essays or train interviews.

Start Whenever

There are no starting dates, no fixed class dates to attend. Therefore, you will never miss a class and the ti course helps you choose the pace based on your real goals.

Expert Team

We are an in-house team of tutors and consultants specialized in what we do. There are no double shifts here.

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