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What is GMAT?

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What is GMAT – The new GMAT Focus Edition

The GMAT has undergone a transformative evolution in collaboration with renowned business schools and aspiring candidates, adapting to the dynamic shifts in the business landscape. The GMAT Focus Edition carries forward its tradition as the exclusive graduate business entrance exam capable of identifying motivated and qualified candidates destined for success both in the classroom and in their future endeavors. This evolution is marked by:

1. Offering a notably enhanced capability to predict a candidate’s success in the business school classroom, surpassing the predictive accuracy of the GRE General Test.

2. Evaluating pertinent skill sets, including the growing demand for data analytics, aligning with the contemporary requirements of the business environment.

Important Dates

Starting from February 1, 2024, candidates will only have access to the updated GMAT Focus Edition, as the previous GMAT Exam will be discontinued on January 31, 2024. Alongside this transition, it’s crucial to be aware of the following key details:

– GMAT Focus Edition testing appointments commenced on November 7, 2023.

– GMAT Exam testing appointments will be accessible until January 31, 2024. This timeframe has been chosen to accommodate ongoing business school applications and offer multiple options for candidates aligning with current Round 1, 2, and 3 deadlines.

– Candidates can still opt for the GMAT Exam, available both at test centers and online, until January 31, 2024.

– GMAT Exam scores will remain valid for five years from the candidate’s appointment date. This implies that valid GMAT Exam scores may be obtained after January 31, 2024, up to January 31, 2029.

Rest assured, GMAT™ Official Prep will be accessible to support candidates in attaining success on either version of the GMAT.

Notable Features


The GMAT™ Focus Edition has been meticulously crafted to cater to a wide range of candidates. With just three 45-minute sections and no essay, it is nearly an hour shorter than the traditional GMAT™ Exam, minimizing preparation time.


Enhancements to the candidate experience encompass the introduction of the Question Review & Edit feature, greater control and flexibility in sending scores, and expanded choices for selecting the order of sections.


Post-exam, candidates can tap into comprehensive insights via an enhanced Official Score Report, allowing them to evaluate their strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement.


Quantitative Reasoning: A 45-minute section comprising 21 questions designed to evaluate problem-solving skills.

Verbal Reasoning: A 45-minute section with 23 questions aimed at assessing critical reasoning and reading comprehension skills.

Data Insights: A 45-minute section featuring 20 questions designed to assess proficiency in data literacy skills.

Understanding Data Insights

The Data Insights section evaluates candidates’ capacity to analyze and interpret data, applying it to real-world business scenarios. In the GMAT™ Focus Edition’s updated test design, Data Insights incorporates Integrated Reasoning and Data Sufficiency question types, measuring a recalibrated digital and data literacy dimension—an essential and sought-after skill set in today’s business landscape.

Comprising 20 questions, this section prompts candidates to evaluate how various sources and forms of information—graphic, numeric, and verbal—interrelate and can be utilized for well-informed decision-making. Questions may involve mathematical reasoning, data analysis, verbal reasoning, or a combination of all three. Candidates are allowed to use an on-screen calculator during this section.

User-Focused Enhancements

Review & Edit Options

Candidates have the flexibility to bookmark and review multiple questions, with the ability to modify up to three answers per section.

Customized Section Order

Candidates can choose their preferred section order when taking the exam.

Enhanced Official Score Report

Comprehensive performance insights are freely provided to candidates.

Simplified Score Sending

Upon receiving their scores (not before), candidates can send them to up to 5 schools at no cost.

MBA House
MBA House

At MBA House, we deliver effective strategies that allow our students to achieve winning results and gain admission to the school of their dreams!

Marcelo Ramos (Kellogg ‘19)
Marcelo Ramos (Kellogg ‘19)

At MBA House, we deliver effective strategies that allow our students to achieve winning results and gain admission to the school of their dreams!

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